Test Table

Department First Name Last Name Email
A.D.A. Jeffrey Taylor jtaylor@udallas.edu
Academic Success Sharon Oster soster@udallas.edu
Admissions Lizzie Griffin-Smith egriffin@udallas.edu
Admissions, Braniff Graduate School, Neuhoff School of Ministry Laura Kuhlman lkuhlman1@udallas.edu
Admissions, Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts Matthew Post mpost@udallas.edu
Admissions, Gupta College of Business Chris Petrawski cpetrawski@udallas.edu
Admissions, Financial Aid, Visitors Carla Starman cstarman@udallas.edu
Advancement, Marketing & Communications Roberta Daley rdaley@udallas.edu
Art Rebecca Prince art@udallas.edu
Art Gallery Christina Hayes gallery@udallas.edu
Biology Brenda Leary bleary@udallas.edu
Braniff Marie Azcona mazcona@udallas.edu
Braniff Miriam McElvain mmcelvain@udallas.edu
Business Office Renee Blackburn rblackburn@udallas.edu
Business Office Verna Donjuan vdonjuan@udallas.edu
Business Office, Purchasing Ron Carvalho rcarvalho@udallas.edu
Campus Ministry, Serra Club Tameko Mays tmays@udallas.edu
University of Dallas Police Office Cris Ashenhart Mine@udallas.edu
Centers Tamara Kuykendall tmarz@udallas.edu
Chemistry Megan Beshirs mbeshirs@udallas.edu
Chief Financial Officer, Printing and Postal Roshana Fernando rfernando@udallas.edu
Classics David Sweet dsweet@udallas.edu
Classics Rebecca Deitsch rdeitsch@udallas.edu
Conferences & Events Kelly O'Neal kdoneal@udallas.edu
Constantin Bridget Paschall bpaschall@udallas.edu
Constantin Isabella Villanueva ivillanueva@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Oscar Carranza carranza@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Emilia Leon eleon@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Lauren Masty lmasty@udallas.edu
Drama Kendra DeLarge kdelarge@udallas.edu
Economics, Community Assistance Research Tammy Leonard tleonard@udallas.edu
Education Janette Boazman jboazman@udallas.edu
Education Kathryn Penland kpenland@udallas.edu
English Greg Roper roper@udallas.edu
English Karen Gempel kgempel@udallas.edu
Facilities Elaine Sanford esanford@udallas.edu
Facilities Steve Serna worders@udallas.edu
General Counsel, Administration Shannon Brush sbrush@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Carolyn Davis cdavis3@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Christos Polemenakos cpolemenakos@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Jennifer Howard jlhoward@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Joan Martin jhmartin@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Marta Higbie mhigbie@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Rebecca Almanza ralmanza@udallas.edu
History Charlie Sullivan sullivan@udallas.edu
History, Theology Kathey Allen kallen@udallas.edu
Human Resources Erica Reynolds ereynolds@udallas.edu
Human Resources Heather Kissack hkissack@udallas.edu
Human Resources Janette Bell jmbell@udallas.edu
Human Resources Jasmine Williams jmwilliams@udallas.edu
Human Resources LaCoya Williams lwilliams2@udallas.edu
Human Resources Sarah DeLeon sblackwell@udallas.edu
Human Sciences in the Contemporary World Dennis Sepper sepper@udallas.edu
Institutional Research Tanisha Arrington tarrington@udallas.edu
International Student Services Breonna Collins bcollins@udallas.edu
Library Cherie Hohertz chohertz@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications Aaron Claycomb aclaycomb@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications Callie Ewing cewing@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications John Wilson jmwilson@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications, Web Master Ken Starzer kstarzer@udallas.edu
Mathematics, Rome Program, Computer Science Penny Koutsogeorgas penny@udallas.edu
Modern Languages Irina Rodriguez irodriguez@udallas.edu
Modern Languages Jacob-Ivan Eidt jieidt@udallas.edu
Modern Languages, Physics Elizabeth Roman emroman@udallas.edu
Music Eleanor McCarter emccarter@udallas.edu
Music Kristin Van Cleve kvancleve@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Debbie Sargo dsargo@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Michele Meny mmeny1@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Sheri Collier scollier@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Amy Young ayoung@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Christina Nguyen mnguyen1@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Gabriela Martin gmartin@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Julie Jernigan jjernigan@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Shannon Blatt sblatt1@udallas.edu
Parents, Financial Aid Christine Bassett cbass@udallas.edu
Philosophy Mary Chernoff mchernoff@udallas.edu
Physics Jacob Moldenhauer jmoldenhauer@udallas.edu
Physics Levente Borvak lborvak@udallas.edu
Physics, Post Graduate Scholarships Sally Hicks hicks@udallas.edu
Politics Angela Lill poldept@udallas.edu
Psychology Barbara Robinson brobinson@udallas.edu
Registrar, Commencement     registrar@udallas.edu
Registrar, Provost, Commencement Laura Rudolph lrudolph@udallas.edu
Rome Office Rebecca Davies bdavies@udallas.edu
Rome Program Jennifer Massicci udrome@udallas.edu
Student Account Services Jane O'Brien jobrien@udallas.edu
Student Account Services Scott Salzman ssalzman@udallas.edu
Student Activities Catherine Duplant cduplant@udallas.edu
Student Activities Stephen Thie sthie@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Annamica Reding sgsecretary@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Anna Hotard ahotard@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Jennifer Sanchez jsanchez@udallas.edu
Student Affairs, Parents, Housing Betty Perretta bboop@udallas.edu
Technology Services Brad Weatheread bweathe@udallas.edu
Technology Services Rick Hayter rhayter@udallas.edu
Title IX Jeffrey Taylor jtaylor@udallas.edu


UD Welcomes New Generation of Crusader Alumni

Outdoor chairs filled up quickly as droves of graduates, professors, families and friends arrived on the Braniff Mall the morning of Sunday, May 12, to participate in the 59th annual Spring Commencement Ceremony in honor of UD’s new generation of Crusader alumni.

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Board of Trustees Names John G. Plotts as Interim President

The University of Dallas Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Executive Vice President John G. Plotts, Ed.D., as interim president of the university. Plotts joined the university in December of 2008, initially serving in the roles of associate provost and dean of undergraduate admissions.

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Professor of English Eileen Gregory, PhD, Named 2018 Piper Professor

"That's what our teaching, and all our talk about the reflective life, boils down to -- efforts to keep brilliance in our hearts, to remember the lightness that is native to our spirit," said 2018 Piper Professor Eileen Gregory, Ph.D, professor of English. The Piper Award honors 10 professors annually in Texas colleges and universities for outstanding achievements in their profession and is widely regarded as the most prestigious award of its kind in the state.

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