Test Table

Department First Name Last Name Email
A.D.A. Jeffrey Taylor jtaylor@udallas.edu
Academic Success Sharon Oster soster@udallas.edu
Admissions Lizzie Griffin-Smith egriffin@udallas.edu
Admissions, Braniff Graduate School, Neuhoff School of Ministry Laura Kuhlman lkuhlman1@udallas.edu
Admissions, Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts Matthew Post mpost@udallas.edu
Admissions, Gupta College of Business Chris Petrawski cpetrawski@udallas.edu
Admissions, Financial Aid, Visitors Carla Starman cstarman@udallas.edu
Advancement, Marketing & Communications Roberta Daley rdaley@udallas.edu
Art Rebecca Prince art@udallas.edu
Art Gallery Christina Hayes gallery@udallas.edu
Biology Brenda Leary bleary@udallas.edu
Braniff Marie Azcona mazcona@udallas.edu
Braniff Miriam McElvain mmcelvain@udallas.edu
Business Office Renee Blackburn rblackburn@udallas.edu
Business Office Verna Donjuan vdonjuan@udallas.edu
Business Office, Purchasing Ron Carvalho rcarvalho@udallas.edu
Campus Ministry, Serra Club Tameko Mays tmays@udallas.edu
University of Dallas Police Office Cris Ashenhart Mine@udallas.edu
Centers Tamara Kuykendall tmarz@udallas.edu
Chemistry Megan Beshirs mbeshirs@udallas.edu
Chief Financial Officer, Printing and Postal Roshana Fernando rfernando@udallas.edu
Classics David Sweet dsweet@udallas.edu
Classics Rebecca Deitsch rdeitsch@udallas.edu
Conferences & Events Kelly O'Neal kdoneal@udallas.edu
Constantin Bridget Paschall bpaschall@udallas.edu
Constantin Isabella Villanueva ivillanueva@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Oscar Carranza carranza@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Emilia Leon eleon@udallas.edu
Dallas Ministry Conference Lauren Masty lmasty@udallas.edu
Drama Kendra DeLarge kdelarge@udallas.edu
Economics, Community Assistance Research Tammy Leonard tleonard@udallas.edu
Education Janette Boazman jboazman@udallas.edu
Education Kathryn Penland kpenland@udallas.edu
English Greg Roper roper@udallas.edu
English Karen Gempel kgempel@udallas.edu
Facilities Elaine Sanford esanford@udallas.edu
Facilities Steve Serna worders@udallas.edu
General Counsel, Administration Shannon Brush sbrush@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Carolyn Davis cdavis3@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Christos Polemenakos cpolemenakos@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Jennifer Howard jlhoward@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Joan Martin jhmartin@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Marta Higbie mhigbie@udallas.edu
Gupta College of Business Rebecca Almanza ralmanza@udallas.edu
History Charlie Sullivan sullivan@udallas.edu
History, Theology Kathey Allen kallen@udallas.edu
Human Resources Erica Reynolds ereynolds@udallas.edu
Human Resources Heather Kissack hkissack@udallas.edu
Human Resources Janette Bell jmbell@udallas.edu
Human Resources Jasmine Williams jmwilliams@udallas.edu
Human Resources LaCoya Williams lwilliams2@udallas.edu
Human Resources Sarah DeLeon sblackwell@udallas.edu
Human and Social Sciences Dennis Sepper sepper@udallas.edu
Institutional Research Tanisha Arrington tarrington@udallas.edu
International Student Services Breonna Collins bcollins@udallas.edu
Library Cherie Hohertz chohertz@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications Aaron Claycomb aclaycomb@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications Callie Ewing cewing@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications John Wilson jmwilson@udallas.edu
Marketing & Communications, Web Master Ken Starzer kstarzer@udallas.edu
Mathematics, Rome Program, Computer Science Penny Koutsogeorgas penny@udallas.edu
Modern Languages Irina Rodriguez irodriguez@udallas.edu
Modern Languages Jacob-Ivan Eidt jieidt@udallas.edu
Modern Languages, Physics Elizabeth Roman emroman@udallas.edu
Music Eleanor McCarter emccarter@udallas.edu
Music Kristin Van Cleve kvancleve@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Debbie Sargo dsargo@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Michele Meny mmeny1@udallas.edu
Neuhoff School of Ministry Sheri Collier scollier@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Amy Young ayoung@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Christina Nguyen mnguyen1@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Gabriela Martin gmartin@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Julie Jernigan jjernigan@udallas.edu
Office of Personal Career Development Shannon Blatt sblatt1@udallas.edu
Parents, Financial Aid Christine Bassett cbass@udallas.edu
Philosophy Mary Chernoff mchernoff@udallas.edu
Physics Jacob Moldenhauer jmoldenhauer@udallas.edu
Physics Levente Borvak lborvak@udallas.edu
Physics, Post Graduate Scholarships Sally Hicks hicks@udallas.edu
Politics Angela Lill poldept@udallas.edu
Psychology Barbara Robinson brobinson@udallas.edu
Registrar, Commencement     registrar@udallas.edu
Registrar, Provost, Commencement Laura Rudolph lrudolph@udallas.edu
Rome Office Rebecca Davies bdavies@udallas.edu
Rome Program Jennifer Massicci udrome@udallas.edu
Student Account Services Jane O'Brien jobrien@udallas.edu
Student Account Services Scott Salzman ssalzman@udallas.edu
Student Activities Catherine Duplant cduplant@udallas.edu
Student Activities Stephen Thie sthie@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Annamica Reding sgsecretary@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Anna Hotard ahotard@udallas.edu
Student Affairs Jennifer Sanchez jsanchez@udallas.edu
Student Affairs, Parents, Housing Betty Perretta bboop@udallas.edu
Technology Services Brad Weatheread bweathe@udallas.edu
Technology Services Rick Hayter rhayter@udallas.edu
Title IX Jeffrey Taylor jtaylor@udallas.edu


When Foresight Is 20/20: Endowment Gains 27 Percent in One Stroke Thanks to $10 Investment 24 Years Ago

At a time when many small liberal arts universities are struggling, the University of Dallas has some good news to offer: The strategic sale of the apartment complex owned by the university for 24 years has increased the endowment by nearly 27 percent, or $16 million, bringing the current value to over $76 million. Further, this increase is predicted to eventually generate an additional $800,000 annually for UD's operations, capital and maintenance budgets.

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