What are you waiting for?  Check online for a machine!  Wash Alert

Don't forget that there is no cost to residents for the washers and dryers in the campus laundry rooms.

WashAlert - A new feature of the laundry facilities on campus is the Wash Alert monitoring system which allows students to check the status of the washers and dryers. Here is how it works:

Sign On - Sign on by using the convenient QR code posted in each laundry room to monitor via your phone. Or you can connect from your PC or laptop by clicking on the laundry room location from the list below.

View Availability - You will be able to see the availability of machines in your laundry room.

Request a Text - If several machines are in use, you can request a text/email when a selectable number of machines become available.

Get Notified - Start your machine, then choose your machine on the Wash Alert site and enter your text/email information to be notified when the cycle is complete.


 Augustine Hall Laundry Room  Gregory Hall Laundry Room
 Jerome Hall Laundry Room  Madonna Hall Laundry Room
 O'Connell Hall Laundry Room  Theresa Hall Laundry Room


 Clark Hall Laundry Room                        Campus Apartments Laundry Room wear wash it...