Campus Apartments

Campus Apartments {per resident – NOT per apartment}: 

MOVE IN:  Upon move in, each campus apartment resident is required to complete an online check-in form.  The form is available HERE and at the link emailed to each resident at the beginning of the year.  Failure to complete the online check-in form by the announced deadline after move-in will result in a $75 improper check-in fine.

MOVE OUT:  Each apartment resident must submit an online apartment checkout form if changing apartments at any time during a semester or departing school at the end of a semester or academic year. Apartment residents who fail to submit the form will be fined and held accountable for the condition of their room.  No in-person walkthrough will be completed in the student apartments. However, Student Affairs staff will examine each Student Apartment after check-out to inspect the room and assess fines for damages as necessary.

The apartment should be left in broom-clean condition and all bathroom/kitchen fixtures should also be clean. NO personal property may be left in the apartment. Failure to clean the apartment properly or to remove all personal items will result in fines. Please note that ALL TRASH must be taken to the dumpster behind Clark Hall next door to avoid fines and not simply left in an apartment room, common area, exterior hallway or stairwell. Any damage not listed on the apartment inventory check-in form will be charged to the residents (or to an individual if it is possible to ascertain who is individually responsible).  The online form for apartment resident check-OUT is available HERE.  Failure to submit the form upon moving out will result in a $75 Improper Check Out Fine.  A list of checkout fines is available HERE.