Fall Romers Spring Housing Details

Spring Housing Registration for Fall Romers

Week of November 6, 2017

All students currently on the Rome campus must complete some type of housing form for the spring semester regardless of any previous residency status or submission. Even with scheduled trips, there is plenty of time to submit your forms before or during the official Housing Registration Week in Irving which begins November 6th. Please refresh your memory about the mandatory University of Dallas Residency Requirement.

General Information

Announcements (oral, paper, email, web) regarding Irving housing registration will be made to students on the Rome campus. General questions may be directed to Anna Hotard on the Rome campus. She is coordinating spring housing registration with Irving. Do NOT call Irving with random questions. This only delays the assignment process.

Feel free to request a current Irving resident as a roommate. However, please note that the request must be received from both parties before it is considered a mutual request.  You are advised to contact your Irving friends now to avoid misunderstandings at a later date. Remind them that they must send an email to Student Affairs with the same request. Only mutual requests will be honored.

All information and relevant forms are available online via links below so that students may make requests at any hour from any location in the world with Internet access – including the University of Dallas Rome campus.

Early online spring housing application forms (linked at bottom of  page) will be accepted but will NOT be processed without a housing CONTRACT and not until after housing registration week in Irving in order to confirm mutual roommate requests with the Irving residents.  If you do not recall whether or not you previously submitted a housing contract for the current academic year, you simply need to check your 'Activity'  page of your Crusader Connect account.   This same area will also show your housing application once submitted.

Students are encouraged to list a 'backup' plan as a second choice on the housing application in the event that the first choice of roommate(s) or room type is not possible.  Duplicate form submissions from any student will automatically 'void' previous form submissions.

Students who submitted a housing contract back in the spring but who qualify for and wish to submit a meal plan change may do so via this Crusader Connect FORM.

Qualifications for Official Commuter Status

All University of Dallas undergraduates either DO or DO NOT qualify for official 'commuter' status based primarily upon age, senior classification or living locally with parents within a 50 mile radius of campus.

Returning Romers who DO qualify for official 'commuter' status [age 21 before the first class day of the spring semester; senior standing; married; veteran; or commuter living locally with parents within a 50 mile radius of campus ], must complete the Commuter Form in Crusader Connect, marking all appropriate boxes. Please note that a "Verification of Residency Form" will be mailed to the local home address at a later date for a parent signature of those intending to commute locally. Housing charges will remain on student accounts until receipt of a properly completed form.

Those who do NOT qualify for official 'commuter' status but wish to live off-campus will generally fall into one of the below categories.  

  • FINANCIAL - Undergraduates with financial concerns about the cost of living on campus must have a current FAFSA on file. The Office of Student Affairs is not responsible for releasing students from the residency requirement due to financial issues. 
  • MEDICAL - Be prepared to outline the general details of any medical issues creating a need that cannot be met by living on campus.  Be prepared to also submit medical documentation which supports the request based upon medical necessity.
  • PERSONAL - "I want to live with my friends across the street" does not automatically qualify anyone for official 'commuter' status. Students who make these types of statements still fall under the mandatory residency requirement without exception and will continue to be billed accordingly for on-campus housing for the remainder of the academic year while enrolled as a full-time undergraduate.

Fall Romers wishing to pursue a formal exemption request to the UD residency requirement may do so online HERE.  It is in your best interest to review all information given within the form prior to submission. 

Room Assignments

Returning Romers under the residency requirement should generally expect assignment to a room in Clark Hall. While placement in Clark Hall is the goal, be aware that O'Connell Hall is the 'overflow' hall for Clark in the event that assignment to Clark is not possible. O'Connell Hall is coed by floor this year. Specific requests regarding room type and/or roommates may be made after logging into Crusader Connect via this online "Campus Housing Request Form".  

Again, while early requests will be accepted, they will not be processed without a housing CONTRACT  on file and not until after housing registration week in Irving.  If you do not recall whether or not you previously submitted a housing contract for the current academic year, you simply need to check your 'Activity'  page of your Crusader Connect account.  Otherwise, a link to the housing contract will also be provided after completion of your Campus Housing Request Form.

Students who will have official Junior status by the spring (as well as students who are no longer under the residency requirement) may also apply for any available openings in the on-campus student apartments using the same form as above.  At this time, there are no known campus apartments which will become fully vacant at the end of the fall.

Mutually confirmed group requests submitted during the official housing registration period will be processed in order of official cumulative credit hours for the entire group.   Groups with the highest number of credit hours are assigned first. When there is only one room type remaining to be assigned and more than one group with the same number of cumulative hours has applied, other determining factors such as group average GPA, application submission dates/times, current hours, etc. are then reviewed.

Click HERE for an overview of the Irving campus housing rates.

Interterm Housing - $300

Click HERE for information regarding on-campus housing for Interterm.

Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring on the Irving campus!