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University of Dallas - Wellness Update

Congratulations to everyone that participated in challenges, wellness programs and biometrics this first year!  You may confirm that you have reached all of your wellness objectives on the Mobile Health app here 

If you have met your wellness objectives, you will receive the credit in one of two ways:

1) If you are in a BCBS PPO medical plan (PPO90, PPO80A, PPO80B), you will receive a $25.00 per pay period credit ($50.00 per month) on your first paycheck in January 2022. 

2) If you are participating in the HDHP medical plan, you will receive an additional $25.00 employer contribution to your Health Savings Account (HSA) in lieu of a credit.  This will be deposited into your existing HSA Bank account on your first payday in January 2022 and will be reflected on your paystub.

If you didn't reach all of your Wellness objectives for 2022, you can begin working towards your wellness goals for 2023 starting October 1st!  Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead about the next Mobile Health team challenge this fall.

Mobile Health, Wondr Health (formerly Naturally Slim) and Livongo are available to employees and their spouses currently enrolled in a University of Dallas medical plan through BCBS-TX.  Scroll below for more information about our amazing wellness partners!

Register for Mobile Health! 

New York to London - Mobile Health Team Challenge - Raffle Winners

Congratulations to all of the teams who completed the New York to London Mobile Health Team Challenge.  The teams who reached one million steps were entered into a raffle to win an Amazon Gift Card. 

The New York to London Challenge Raffle Winners are: Monica Heckman, Keith Loftis, and Phillip Shore.   They've each won a $25 Amazon Gift Card for helping their teams reach one million steps.  

Mobile Health - Peer Challenges!

Peer Challenges let you challenge your fellow coworkers on the Mobile Health app to a weeklong challenge focusing on continuing a current habit or developing a new one. Challenges like Step It Up (a step challenge), Strive for Five (eating more fruits and vegetables) or Neat & Tidy (getting organized) help you form healthy habits while having some fun, friendly competition.  

You can set up a peer challenge at any time.  Login to the Mobile Health app here and go to ‘Challenges’ under the Health and Wealth tab.  Choose a challenge and invite your friends there.  You can also enter your challenge code there that you receive to join someone else’s challenge.  Once the challenge begins, you can see who is leading on the challenge’s own leaderboard.


Mobile Health - UD's official wellness app!

Your new hub for viewing your health benefits, wellness program, digital copies of your medical ID cards, personalized well-being information, and more!  You can access it on your desktop or on your smartphone through the Mobile Health app. Register here for Mobile Health.  

Wondr Health (formerly Naturally Slim)

UD's digital behavioral partner for weight loss and metabolic syndrome reversal.


Electronically connected glucose monitor and blood pressure cuff.  Get free testing strips and lancets, free equipment, and health coaching with Livongo.  Register for Livongo at  

The Registration Code is TXHEALTH.

Livongo - 2021

Biometrics (e-Health Screening)

Schedule a biometric screening with an off-site lab or take a form to your personal doctor to complete.  

The next onsite biometrics screening will be held in Spring 2022.  More information to come.