Institutional Research

WELCOME to the Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) website

IRP serves as the source of official data for the University of Dallas, maintaining responsibility for:

  • Reporting institutional data to federal and state entities (US Department of Education, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, NCAA Athletics, and IPEDS)
  • Responding to external data requests from groups such as accrediting bodies and higher education organizations
  • Providing data to publishers for college rankings and guidebooks (US News, FISKE, Petersons)

Other key responsibilities of the Institutional Research and Planning Office include:

  • Responding to internal requests for data from administrators and faculty
  • Assisting with the university strategic planning process
  • Support of policy analysis, assessment, and institutional decision-making using best practices
  • Providing leadership in assessment of institutional effectiveness
  • Maintaining a data warehouse that promotes data use across the university

Vicky Morris-Dueer, M.S. Educational Psychology

Director of Institutional Research & Planning

Office: Cardinal Farrell Hall - Provost's Office, Room 226
Phone: 972-265-5744