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International Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

U.S. federal regulations, and the University of Dallas, require that all F-1  visa holders have health insurance to help cover the expenses of unexpected medical issues while residing in the US.  The university has contracted with Wellfleet (Cigna Network) through Academic Health Plans to provide a policy that complies with federal law.

**PLEASE NOTE: The insurance carrier for the 2021-2022 school year is Wellfleet**

All F-1 visa holders will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance policy and related charges will be added to the student's account. The annual cost is approxmiately $1,800. Each student will be billed in 3 installments over the course of the academic year.

Upcoming F-1 International Student Health Insurance Fees

Semester Cost Coverage Begins Coverage Ends
Fall 2021 $716 08/15/2021 12/31/2021
Spring 2022 $619 1/1/2022 4/30/2022
Summer 2022 $546 5/1/2022 8/14/2022


To review the specific benefits of the UD Wellfleet policy, click HERE.

Waiver Option

All F-1 visa holders are required to enroll in University of Dallas Student Health Insurance Plan unless a waiver is submitted and approved.

Waivers for the Spring 2022 term will be accepted December 2, 2021 - February 1, 2022.
**Waivers will not be accepted after that time.**

Criteria to submit a waiver:

  1. Student is sponsored by the government of the student’s home country and is provided through a PPACA compliant plan. If a non-PPACA compliant plan, the sponsoring entity must guarantee payment of all health expenses in writing.
  2. Student is enrolled in a US employer-provided group health plan that is PPACA compliant.

Note – If the health plans above do not include medical evacuation and repatriation, a rider must be purchased providing coverage at equal limits to the UD provided policy.