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College of Business Students

CPT - College of Business Graduate Students

Policy Notes

  • Eligibility:
    • In addition to having completed 2 terms in F-1 status (full-time enrollment), the College of Business further requires the completion of a least one MBA core or MS core class.  Completion of Bridge, Qualifying or Conditional classes do not satisfy this requirement.
  • Duration of approval and work authorization:
    • The College of Business approves internships for academic credit. The actual employment authorization is provided by the International Student Services Office through SEVIS notification.  Authorization is granted by academic terms but will generally include the break between terms.   You cannot extend an internship.  You must complete the required paperwork and receive approval for work authorization each academic term.
  • Full time or Part time CPT:  

CPT does not eliminate the requirement of full time enrollment.  If you are full time enrolled (9 or more credit hours) you are expected to be part time employed.  For F1 students part time employment is 20 or less hours per week.  Working over 20 hours per week is considered full time for international students.  If you want to work full time and be enrolled full time you must have a GPA of 3.7 or better.  There may be other special considerations, please come by the International office for more information. If you are part time enrolled, you may work full time.  Please be sure you are eligible to be part time enrolled.

  • Limitation on new internship/CPT during student's final term:
    • New internships during a student's final term before graduation cannot be for less than 6 weeks.


  • First, before the term in which you want to have the internship, contact the International Student Services Office to determine if you are eligible. If eligible, go to the ISS Office to get a Certified Internship Application showing you are eligible for CPT. You must get the signed form from the International Office.  
  • Finding an appropriate internship: Consult Career Services web site for possible internships.  The career services contact is Amy Young, she will be able to assist you with your resume, cover letter and interview skills.  You may also network with classmates, ask a professor, or explore the local market on your own for internships. If you post your resume on an electronic employment web site, it is recommended that you state that you are seeking an internship (not a regular employment position) and state your availability date - after  you complete on-campus processing. When you have been offered a position that you believe qualifies as an internship, have the employer complete the Employer section on the Application. Get a written job offer and job description from the employer.
  • Prepare a written proposal: Write a proposal fully describing the duties of the position or the parameters of the project. Your proposal should include 1) information about the company, 2) what duties you will perform, 3) which courses have prepared you for this job, 4) how this job or duties lets you put into practice what you have learned in those classes 5) what you expect to learn that is new, and 6) how it relates to your career objectives. Click here for a downloadable proposal format,  
  • Transcript:  Print your unofficial transcript from Banner.  
  • Request internship recommendation from a professor: Meet with a full-time professor (not an adjunct professor) teaching in the same subject area as the duties of the internship to present your proposal and transcript and to request a recommendation to engage in the internship. If the internship is recommended, the professor will complete the third section of your application, recommend the number of credits that can be earned and assign appropriate deliverables - Yes, even for a one credit internship there will academic deliverables and you will receive a grade. If you fail to submit what is required, a failing grade can be assigned, a grade that is factored into your overall GPA.
  • Getting academic approval: If the internship is recommended, take the application with the supporting documents to Dr. John Wong in the Anselm 112A.  Leave the application with the assistant.  You will be notified when the application has been approved. 
  • Getting class created and registration:  See Kathy McGraw, Room 116, Braniff (adjacent to the Registrar's office) for class creation and registration. 
  • MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to see Breonna Collins, the immigration advisor. Bring the approved application, your written proposal and job description. The advisor will authorize the employment by entering the employment information into SEVIS. A new I-20 will be generated with the employment authorization printed on the last page. IMPORTANT: You may NOT begin work until you have received the new I-20 with work authorization.
  • Warning: Do not ignore any deadline or deliverables assigned by your professor required for your grade. You must comply with all requirements to earn a grade. You cannot graduate if a grade has not been assigned for a class, even an internship class.