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Networking and LinkedIn Resources


Most career professionals estimate that at least 50% of the jobs that are filled are never advertised; so how do people find out about these opportunities? Current employees will often tell their networking associates when a position is opening and/or help those associates get interviews.


Include a clear subject line. This should include the purpose of your email. For example, "Candidate for Financial Analyst Position" or "Informational Interview about Social Media Management Request". 

Salutation. Always address who you are writing to. Introduce yourself and any connection you might share. For example, you might share a mutual friend or the same university. 

Concise Message. Convey the purpose and why you're reaching out. Include any specific requests. 

Thank them. ALWAYS thank them for their time. 

Signature. Make sure your signature includes your full name and contact information. 

Proofread. Double check names spellings, content, and grammar. 


Complete your profile. Fill in the different sections including, headline, overview, experience, and volunteer work. In your headline state your goals, career interest, highlights, and/or accomplishments. 

Search for jobs. You can search for job by connections, industry, job title, location, school, etc.

Search for connections. You can search for UD alumni and others that are outside of your immediate connections. Check out our Search for Alumni on LinkedIn video.

Message. Don't be shy about reaching out to people via LinkedIn. Follow-up if you haven't heard anything in over two weeks. 

Job Fairs

Research. Look into companies of interest and don't discount those that aren't in your field. 

Elevator Pitch. Customize your pitch for the job/internships offered to the industry. 

Ask Questions. Ask about things that can't be found on the website. 

Smile! Maintain eye contact and smile. This will communicate you are engaged and interested. 

Message Templates (Email and LinkedIn)

Email to a Recruiter 

To: Gaby O’Neill
Subject Line: Summer 2022 Internship

Hello Ms. O’Neill, 

My name is Christina Nguyen and I met you at the University of Dallas job fair last Thursday. When we spoke, you mentioned that you would have summer internships posted soon and that I should email you my resume. I am still interested in the marketing internship that you mentioned and am sending you my resume for your consideration. You may give me a call at 972-721-5000. 


Thank you, 
Christina Nguyen



Email to an Alumni 

To: Shannon Blatt
Subject Line: Phone Call Request 

Hello Ms. Blatt, 

I am a junior English major at UD and I see you graduated from UD with a degree in English. I was hoping that you’d be open to talking briefly over the phone or meeting for a cup of coffee to discuss your profession path after UD? I’m interested in learning more about social media marketing and any insight you could give me about your career path in marketing for Google would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time, 

Gaby O’Neill


LinkedIn Message to a Recruiter

Hello Mariana,
It was great speaking with you at the video interview workshop you hosted at the University of Dallas last week. I decided to apply for the Fall 2020 analytics internship you recommended based on my background in data analytics. I attached my resume for review as you requested. Thank you again for your time.

LinkedIn Message to a Recruiter

Hello Shannon,
I am a junior English major at UD and I see that you graduated from UD with a degree in English and I was hoping you'd be open to talking briefly over the phone or scheduling a zoom call? I am interested in learning more about social media marketing and the path you took between your major and your career.
Thank you for your time,


LinkedIn is a professional networking site of more than 30 million experienced professionals. As a student, you can create a profile and join any of the University of Dallas LinkedIn Groups (including the UD Alumni Group) to gain access to University of Dallas employers and alumni.

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