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Vocational Exploration Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

University of Dallas Experience Awards

The UD Odyssey program can support a limited number of faculty-sponsored events throughout the academic year. 
  • Support of up to $1,000 per event to include speaker honorarium (limit $250), speaker travel expenses, and event hospitality.
  • Event must contain a component of vocational exploration for students. Speakers should discuss their own vocational journeys and how they arrived at their chosen vocation.
  • Event should be focused on undergraduates.
  • OPCD will provide logistical and promotional support if needed.
Complete the form below to share details about event planning. 
UD Odyssey Faculty-led Vocational Events Planning Form

UD Odyssey Faculty-led Vocational Events

University of Dallas Experience (UDE) Award Application


Vocational Guiding Questions - For Advising

  • Based on your past experience, what did you enjoy doing and what didn't you enjoy about your work?
  • Were there particular classes you enjoyed?
  • What kind of industries or fields are you interested in learning more about?
  • What kind of organizations are you curious about?
  • What are you looking for in an organization?
  • What are your main priorities? Salary, Benefits, Growth or etc.