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UDCC PrePrac

Master Graduate Pre-Practicum

There are a few options for practicum and internships for graduate students to choose from. The Clinical Practicum & Internships are open to other affiliated university students. The Pre-Practicum is only for University of Dallas Master Psychology students. See below for more info on each option.

UD Psych Master Pre-Practicum

For University of Dallas students in the Master of Psychology Program, only. This initiative is a collaboration between the UD Psych Department and the UDCC. Students who have not yet reached their practiucm optioin year have the opportunity to "dip their toes into the pool," before diving into their practicum experience. In the Pre-Practicum ("PrePrac"), you have the option to attend Intern Group Supervision meetings, Treatment Team meetings, providing public mental health presentations to campus, and connecting to initiatives like our BioFeedback Lab, Reseliency Training Program, and others.

To apply to be in the PrePrac, message us at:

The University of Dallas Counseling Center
1845 E. Northgate Dr., Haggar 340
Irving, TX 75062 • 972-721-4045.