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UDCC Undergrad Internship

Counseling Center Undergraduate Internships

As a volunteer UD Undergraduate Intern of the UDCC, there are many exciting possibilities for you to choose from. While observing direct clinical services may not be an option, as we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously, we have many ways you can connect with and learn more about the field in general. You can connect with one or more, do as many hours per week or as little per month as your program will  permit. 

*The UDCC does not currently offer academic credit for internship, but is in the process to develop this.


Provide on-going support and help develop the following initiatives:

  • UDCC PR,
    • Developing campus-wide mental health awareness content for students, faculty, and staff,
    • Multiple mediums: website, social media, printed materials, and others.
  • Educational Mental Health Coalition,
    • Coordinating with High School clinicians and administrators across DFW and US to help develop programs, research, and initiatives to address mental health struggles with the transition from High School to College.
  • BioFeedback Lab Support,
    • Facilitate student, faculty, & staff use of equipment.
  • UTSW & Children’s Hospital Resiliency Training Program Support,
    • Help facilitated programming to select groups on campus.

General Research and composition opportunities:

Research and help develop content for the following internal and external publications of the UDCC, such as:

  • UDCC Operation Manual / UDCC Intern Packet,
  • Electronic Forms (non-patient data),
    • Various Electronic Health Record assessments, screens, and forms.
  • Among Others.


To apply to be an Intern click here

All applications may also be sent to:

The University of Dallas Counseling Center
1845 E. Northgate Dr., Haggar 340
Irving, TX 75062 • 972-721-4045.

Spots are limited. The UDCC will contact eligible interns for interviews.

If you desire more information,  please contact