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2020-2021 Annual Housing Registration

Guidelines for Current Undergraduates


The standard undergraduate RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT remains in full effect for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The housing registration process will be completed entirely online via your eRezLife (eRez for short) housing account for both Irving and current Rome campus students. 

Each currently enrolled undergraduate is individually responsible for their own application submissions.  Application deadlines by classification are posted further down this page.  The application itself will be available beginning February 3rd.  Complete applicants will be able to form mutually requested roommate groups in preparation for room selection.  However, at least one 'backup' plan is strongly recommended in case location requests exceed availability.  Room selection is only available to complete roommate groups.  Individual applicants will be placed after closing of room selection.

Continuing undergraduates who fall under the Residency Requirement for 2020-2021 but who do NOT register for housing during Housing Registration Week will still be billed for campus housing. Charges will be adjusted accordingly at a later date if necessary.  Please note that the maximum age allowed for campus residents is 25.


  • Room selection is only available to groups of mutually confirmed roommates in eRez.  Roommate groups first require an eRez application from each group member.  More than one roommate group may be created in eRez so that students have a backup plan already in place in case the first choice of room type is not possible during room selection.  The application will be available February 3rd in your eRez housing account.  This linked infographic  can help you work through the process.  
  • Room selection time slots will be processed by anticipated classification at the end of spring 2020 which gives first priority to upperclassmen groups. Group applications are processed before individual applications. Complete roommate groups will be able to select a room following the below schedule.
  • Seniors and rising Seniors* who apply by March 1st and who are part of a roommate group may participate in room selection between March 2nd at 2 p.m. CST and March 10th by midnight.   Individual Senior and rising Senior applicants will be manually placed where possible about April 6th.  Seniors who apply after March 22nd are not guaranteed housing as they are no longer under the residency requirement.
  • Juniors and rising Juniors* who apply by March 11th and are part of a roommate group may participate in room selection between March 12th at 2 p.m. CST and March 20th by midnight.  Individual Juniors/rising Junior applicants will be manually placed where possible about April 6th (postponed due to COVID).

  • Sophomores, rising Sophomores* and remaining continuing students who apply by March 22nd and are part of a roommate group may participate in room selection between March 23rd at 2 p.m. CST and March 31st by midnight.  Individual Sophomores and remaining applicants will be manually placed where possible about April 6th (postponed due to COVID).
  • New incoming students have a separate process and timeline.

      * ’Rising’ classification indicates anticipated classification upon successful completion of spring 2020 courses.


Students officially accepted to the Fall Rome Program will automatically be billed for Rome housing.  However, Fall Romers on the 'wait list' should still apply for Irving housing as scheduled above.  As students are officially accepted into the Rome Program, Irving campus housing charges will then be replaced with Rome campus housing charges on Business Office accounts.  The Contract Breakage Fee does not apply to fall Irving residents who go to Rome the following spring. 


Each student is individually responsible for submission of their own housing application which includes a required confirmation of agreement with the ‘terms and conditions’ of the housing contract as the final step in the application process.

If a group wishes to be roommates, each applicant is responsible for confirming that they wish to be part of the roommate group in eRez and confirm the group is complete immediately prior  to room selection once available.  It is suggested that if any group members have a higher classification, that they become the group leader for the room selection process during their time slot based upon classification.  More than one roommate group may be created in eRez so that students have a backup plan already in place in case the first choice of room type is not possible during room selection.

Keep in mind that eRez draws upon official records to determine your classification at the end of the spring.  Group members for a campus apartment requiring a minimum of Junior status must confirm their classification now to avoid denial of apartment selection due to a non-qualifying member. Otherwise, groups may be of mixed classifications.  Remember that apartments are double occupancy by bedroom (both one and two bedrooms).

Clark Hall triples and doubles are only available to complete groups during the room selection process.  The limited number of Clark single rooms will be available during the different room selection time slots to individual applicants. 


Upon successful submission of the application form you will receive a confirmation email from eRez.  In mid-April, successful applicant groups who select a room will receive an email containing housing assignment information. Remaining applicants will be notified at a later date once placed in campus housing.


If you qualify for an automatic exemption to  the UD residency requirement and wish to claim official 'Commuter Status' [age 21 before the first class day of the academic year; senior standing (90 credit hours); married; veteran; or commuter living with local parents within a 50 mile radius of campus] you MUST submit a commuter request application in eRez.  The application will be available February 3rd.  Submissions prior to July 1st will qualify for a Housing Deposit refund.

Students who may later qualify for 'commuter status' mid-semester are still subject to the refund schedule policies as outlined on the "Residency Requirement" web page.  

EXEMPTION REQUESTS (deadline extended to June 1st)

Exemptions to the residency requirement are difficult to obtain. These requests MUST be made before May 1st.  (Deadline extended to June 1st due to COVID-19.)  Residents who do NOT qualify for official 'commuter' status may only appeal for exemption from the residency requirement based upon the below. Students must still submit a housing application in the event that the exemption request is denied. 

FINANCIAL - Undergraduates with financial concerns about the cost of living on campus must have a current FAFSA on file before submitting an exemption request based upon financial concerns. The Office of Student Affairs is NOT responsible for releasing students from the residency requirement due to financial issues. Submission of a FAFSA will first be required by the Financial Aid Office before any possible additional financial assistance may be considered for those who remain under the mandatory residency requirement.  Residents requesting exemption must first send an email request to  An exemption request application will then be placed in your eRez account for completion.  This detailed request should include a breakdown of estimated costs to live off campus. Attachments are recommended and may be uploaded within the online form once placed in your eRez account.

MEDICAL - Students who feel that they have a valid medical reason which would prevent them from living on-campus will NOT submit the same form as financial requests. All requests to live off campus based upon any variety of medical need must instead contact the ADA office. See this  ADA WEB PAGE for additional information.
This same web page also contains a direct link to the accommodation request form which will go directly to the ADA office.  Be prepared to provide medical documentation in support of your request.  After review completion, the ADA office will notify the Office of Student Affairs if the request is granted.

Exemption requests made after May 1st  (extended to June 1st due to COVID) will NOT be processed. Otherwise, Students who remain under the mandatory residency requirement will continue to be billed accordingly for on-campus housing for the academic year while enrolled as a full-time undergraduate.


The online application will be available in eRez starting on February 3rd.  An application is required in order to form roommate groups prior to room selection following the above schedule.  Otherwise, your individual application will be processed after groups first successfully complete room selection in eRez.


Click HERE to view the basic room and campus apartment rates for 2020-2021. Rates are per student and per semester.

MAYTERM (online only-COVID)

Click HERE to view information about Mayterm 2020 campus housing.

SUMMER (online only for SU1)

Click HERE to view information about Summer 2020 campus housing options for both hall and apartment residents.

SPRING 2020 CLOSING (cancelled due to COVID)

Current campus residents are required to formally check-out of hall rooms and apartments by 10 a.m. on Friday, May 15th.  (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID) This must include the return of room keys issued to traditional hall residents. Swipe access cards will automatically expire at closing on Friday, May 15th. Key Return envelopes for traditional hall residents will be made available. Instructions regarding proper check-out will also be emailed to you well in advance of move-out. Failure to properly complete the check-out process WILL result in improper check-out fines. Failure to leave your room or apartment in approximately the same condition as when you moved in will also result in fines.

Residents may also click HERE for additional details regarding proper check-out procedures. Residents will also be sent notification emails in advance of spring closing. 

LATE DEPARTURES (cancelled due to COVID)

Upon proper request via eRez (form available April 1), the only exceptions granted to the official closing date and time are the following:

• Graduating senior residents (deadline automatically extended to midnight of graduation Sunday ONLY  - otherwise, advance payment of $50/night is required to remain clear in the Business Office for graduation).  Late departures requests by campus apartment residents will require apartment move out on graduation Sunday and then relocation to a temporary room in Clark Hall.

• Siblings of graduating seniors upon request and confirmation of family status. Again, approvals are only until midnight of graduation Sunday.

• Mayterm class registration and request for housing. Click HERE for detailed information about Mayterm housing and link to request paid Mayterm housing. Any campus resident wishing to remain for a Mayterm class must request to do so via application in eRez.  Apartment residents requesting Mayterm housing must be placed in Clark Hall as the apartments are not available after graduation.

• Students who request and are authorized by the university to stay in support of graduation services (deadline automatically extended to midnight of graduation Sunday ONLY).

• Residents approved for summer housing who will move out of Clark Hall after Mayterm and then into the designated summer hall, Theresa Hall, for the remainder of the summer.  Click HERE for detailed information about summer housing.

The submission deadline for late departure requests is May 1st for students who do not fall into any of the above categories but wish to seek official approval to stay a bit longer for valid and verifiable reasons. This will result in relocation over to Clark Hall if living in one of the traditional halls. ALL residents requesting late departure must complete and submit the Request for Late Departure application in eRez. Be prepared for a $50/night fee when the request is of a personal nature and not at the request of the university nor academically related.