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(Mayterm 2020 Housing - $300)

Current Spring 2020 Apartment Residents:

It is not possible for current spring campus apartment residents who wish to take a Mayterm class to remain in the apartment after the official end of the spring semester.  There will be various summer conference groups using the apartments for the duration of the summer.  However, a temporary Mayterm room in Clark Hall may be requested.  There is a flat $300 charge to remain for 3 week Mayterm period past the official end of the annual housing contract. The Mayterm housing application must be made from within the eRezLife housing program and will be available about April 8th.

Spring apartment residents are expected to follow normal check out procedures from the apartment at the end of Mayterm.  Failure to complete the proper check-out process WILL result in a $75 'improper check-out' fine.  Remember that there is no food service available anywhere on campus during Mayterm.

Click HERE for additional residence hall information about summer housing beyond the end of Mayterm.


Current Hall Residents:

There is a flat $300 room charge per resident for the additional 3 weeks  past the official end of the annual hall contract.  Clark Hall is the only hall open during Mayterm.

Mayterm housing will be available for registered Mayterm students who successfully submit a Mayterm housing application from within the eRezLife housing program.  The application will be available in eRez about April 1st.  However, unless you are a current resident in Clark Hall you WILL be required to move immediately after spring hall closing as the remaining halls will close that same weekend.  Traditional hall applicants will later receive an email with the relocation details of the temporary Mayterm room assignment.  Clark Hall residents who request Mayterm housing will receive an email regarding swipe access.  While there is no food service available anywhere on campus during Mayterm, there will be a side room off the main lounge in Clark Hall available with a microwave and refrigerator for resident use.

If you also plan to register for summer classes after Mayterm, you must apply separately as Clark Hall will be closed to residents immediately after Mayterm and any continuing summer residents will then be required to move over to the designated summer hall (Theresa Hall) for the remainder of the official summer class period.  The summer hall will be coed by floor during the summer. 

Click HERE for additional information and application forms for summer housing beyond the end of Mayterm.