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Move-In Process

Move-IN Process {per resident – NOT per room}: 

RESIDENCE HALLS:  Each resident of Clark Hall and of the traditional halls is required to review and electronically sign off on a RCR (Room Condition Report) form upon initial move-in for the year or any time during a semester that a room change is approved by the Office of Student Affairs. The Room Condition Report is available in the ‘eRez’ account of each resident and must be reviewed and accepted by 5 p.m. on the first Friday after the first day of classes. If you move in the middle of the year, the resident must accept the Room Condition Report for the new room within three days of moving in. The Room Condition Report allows each resident to view notes regarding any room/furniture damages made by staff.  Any perceived discrepancies must first be brought to the attention of your RA or staff so that the Room Condition Report may be updated prior to resident acceptance and submission. Upon move-out all notes regarding any damages or missing furniture are compared to those made during the check-in process. Any discrepancies between the two, other than normal ‘wear-and-tear’ are then billed to student accounts. Damages or missing furniture noted at check-in protect the resident against unwarranted charges. Failure to complete and turn in the RCR form by the announced deadline date after move-in will result in a $75 improper check-in fine.  Failure to accept and submit the form implies acceptance by the resident of all listed item conditions.

 CAMPUS APARTMENT move in information is available HERE.