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Residency Requirement

Why a Residency Requirement?

As a residential University, the University of Dallas believes that education is not confined to the academic classroom. Rather, liberal learning is built through the sense of community which occurs when students live and study on campus. The University is committed to establishing the continuity between intellectual and residential life. Living on campus contributes to the intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional growth of the individual.

The University requires full-time matriculating undergraduate students with fewer than ninety earned credit hours (senior standing) or who are under the age of 21 prior to the start of the academic year to live on campus.  Students will be billed standard housing charges until such time as they no longer fall under this requirement.  Campus housing cannot be offered to enrolled students over the age of 25.


Students who have earned ninety or more credit hours (senior standing), or who are twenty-one years of age prior to the first day of fall classes (sorry, no exceptions), or who are married, documented veterans or commuter students living locally with their parents (or legal guardians) within a 50 mile radius of campus must notify the Office of Student Affairs of commuter status by completing a "Commuter Form".   Deposited new incoming students as well as current students will find the form in the eRezLife campus housing program.  Contact the Office of Student Affairs for information about the program.


Residents who later qualify for and request official commuter status MID YEAR are advised that in addition to the below 'refund rules' they are also still subject to the Contract Breakage Fee as listed within the housing contract, in the General Bulletin and elsewhere on this web site. This Contract Breakage Fee applies only to students that remained enrolled and is determined by the TERM for which the contract is broken - not by the date of notification.  Exceptions are fall residents who submit a qualifying commuter form for the spring before December 1st.

Fall Semester- $500

Spring Semester- $500

After the official annual housing registration period any qualifying resident that breaks their contract PRIOR to move-in for the upcoming academic year is subject to these Contract Breakage Fees:

After contract is accepted and before August 1st: $100

After August 1st and prior to official fall move-in date: $300



Residents who no longer fall under the residency requirement and voluntarily break their housing contracts mid-semester are subject to the above 'Contract Breakage Fee' and also subject to the REFUND RULES below:

After Move-in and through last add/drop date - 80%

First week after the close of the add/drop period - 60%

Second week after the close of the add/drop period - 40%

Third week after the close of the add/drop period - 20%

From the 4th week on after the close of the add/drop period - 0%

Each week is calculated from the first day of the academic add/drop period. A week is seven calendar days long beginning immediately after the closing of the add/drop period. Please refer to the General Bulletin for the official ending date of the add/drop period for the semester of housing withdrawal.



New on-campus residents are charged a one-time housing deposit fee of $200 to reserve a space in campus housing and to guarantee compliance by the student. At the termination of campus occupancy, if there is no damage to or loss of furniture, furnishings and/or equipment, and if the premises are clean and in good condition, normal wear and tear excepted, the housing deposit will be returned to the Student, provided the Student furnishes the Office of Student Affairs with proper notification by the established deadline dates. Should the university determine the student is not entitled to a return of the deposit, it will provide upon demand to the Student reasons in writing.  This deposit may also be used to pay down any remaining balance still owed to the university by anyone leaving the university for any reason.



Failure to properly notify the Office of Student Affairs of a campus housing cancellation via the online 'Commuter Form' prior to July 1st for the following fall semester or December 1st for the following spring semester will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit.
Students who withdraw or do not return for any reason will forfeit their housing deposit.
The deposit may be reinstated for students who return to a campus residence from an official Leave of Absence or who are readmitted to UD within 2 years.
"No shows" will be considered as a cancellation and will also forfeit the housing deposit.