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Summer Housing

Summer 2020 Housing


(Although the application is now open in eRez, it is subject to cancellation at a later date due to COVID.  See Residence Hall section at the bottom.)


Spring 2020 Campus Apartments:

Current spring apartment residents wishing to remain on campus past the end of spring closing to take UD summer classes will be required to move.  Mayterm housing is in Clark Hall only.  At the end of Mayterm, residents staying into summer will be required to move again to the summer hall (Theresa Hall) after the end of Mayterm classes.   There will be various summer conference groups using apartments over the summer starting immediately after graduation.  

Otherwise, submit a Mayterm application in eRez to request paid housing ($300) for Mayterm in Clark Hall.  The Mayterm application will be available after April 8th.  If you plan to remain on campus past Mayterm and into the summer, a separate summer application to live in the summer hall (Theresa Hall) will also be available in eRez after April 1st.  Apply early as summer rooms are limited.

Current spring hall residents wishing to later return to campus housing for summer classes must also submit a summer application in eRez.  The summer application will be available after April 1st.  Apartments will not be available for students over the summer.  At the end of Mayterm in Clark Hall, summer housing will transition over to the summer hall (Theresa Hall) the weekend of June 6th, until summer housing closes without exception at midnight of Friday, August 14, 2020.  


Residence Hall:

SUMMER ONE/TWO Undergraduates:  Immediately after the end of the Mayterm period in Clark Hall (**Cancelled due to COVID**), Theresa Hall will be used for enrolled summer two students.  The hall will be co-ed by floor during this period.  (COVID update:  a different location may be used for summer two.)

Current undergraduates returning to take summer two 2020 classes will be billed summer 2020 room rates ($600 per double room resident per standard summer session) Unfortunately, **no food service** will be available anywhere on campus.

O'HARA:   (**Program cancelled due to COVID**) New and continuing students specifically enrolled in the 8-week O'Hara summer 2020 program will be billed per student per double room.  A separate charge will also be billed for the mandatory 19 meal plan.  An official scholarship for accepted O'Hara freshmen will cover the summer room and board costs.

ALL summer program participants living in a residence hall must move out by absolutely no later than midnight of Friday, August 14th due to the annual campus-wide weekend utility shutdown which begins August 15th. Sorry, no exceptions are possible.  The move-out date for any awarded campus apartment is August 7th.


 Click HERE for Mayterm housing information.