Personal or Sexual Violence

Personal or Sexual Violence

Statement of Policy

The University at Dallas is committed to maintaining an educational environment which is supportive of its primary educational mission and free from all exploitation and intimidation.  The university will not tolerate any form of sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking or any other form of non-consensual sexual activity. Additionally, the University of Dallas is committed to promoting an environment which leads to awareness and prevention of such offenses..

Purpose of the Policy

The policy procedures outlined on this page are designed to achieve the following goals:

      • Provide prompt and compassionate support services.
      • Provide a comprehensive framework in which the needs and decisions of all parties concerned are central in determining further administrative responses and assistance.
      • Create a campus environment that both facilitates and expedites the prompt reporting of sexual violence, and stalking, dating violence and domestic violence ("collectively referred to as "relationship violence").
      • Cultivate a climate of community empowerment and education in which behaviors that contribute to sexual and relationship violence are not tolerated.
      • Ensure that immediate and appropriate steps are followed when sexual and/or relationship violence are reported.
      • Establish prompt and effective actions that are reasonably calculated to end sexual violence, eliminate a hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and, as appropriate remedy the effects of sexual and relationship violence.
      • Protect the rights of the Reporting Party, the Accused Party, and other parties involved in or affected by the case.

Scope of the Policy

This Policy applies to all behavior in which the Reporting Party is a Student. In the event the Accused Party is no longer subject to university policy, the Reporting Party will be referred to local law enforcement. In the event the Accused Party is faculty, staff, or a non-University affiliated party, the reporting procedures and resources are the same as set forth in this Policy, but the University's investigation will be referred to the Office of Human Resources and conducted pursuant to the Sexual Harassment Policy.

The University of Dallas will adhere to the law--as described by the penal code Title 5, Chapter 22, Section 22 of the state of Texas--when determining assault.

Texas Penal Code Title 5: Offenses Against The Person, Chapter 22: Assaultive Offenses