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Current RHA Members

Meet the RHA Spring 2016 Team

Jerome Hall 

stephens_headshotMica Stephens

I'm Mica Stephens and I'm from a tiny agriculture community in Northwest Kansas. I am a business major and my favorite event is definitely Groundhog because it had both amazing food and awesome music.




Pettyjohn HeadshotAlison Pettyjohn

Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Double-Major Mathematics and Business, French Concentration
Favorite kind of event: Any event centered around music (AKA Groundhog!)




Clare BasilBasil Headshot

Annapolis, Maryland
Politics Major with a concentration in Economics
My favorite kinds of events are any kind involving dancing, music and of course food. This makes TGIT right up my alley and probably my favorite event at UD so far.




Gregory Hall

Beatrice DiazDiaz Headshot

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Biology/Nursing
Favorite Kind of Event: dances and concerts




Hernandez HeadshotVale Hernandez

El Salvador
Major: Psychology
Favorite Kind of Event: Concerts & Dances




Erika KeeverKeever Headshot

hometown/state - Ft. Worth, Tx
major - Psychology
favorite event - concerts






Augustine Hall

Muhammad Usama ArifArif Headshot

Faisalabad, Pakistan
Business Major
Soccer Player



Hogan HeadshotThomas Hogan

Residence: St. Louis, MO
Major: Philosophy and Classics


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