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Starting a New Club

Why Get Involved?

Active participation in clubs and organizations is highly recommended for all students as a means of developing the whole person: body and soul; heart and mind.

Students may form new clubs if the clubs currently in existence are not meeting their interests and needs.

Starting a Club on Campus

Students interested in starting a new organization should email for more information. 

Consider following the steps below as well!

Step 1: GETTING STARTED - always begin with the end in mind...

    1. What role will this organization play on campus and/or in the community? The purpose of the group needs to be well-defined, both for the charter application and for the organization's own planning and recruiting.
    2. Is there an existing organization that would fill this need? Many clubs are open to suggestions for sub-clubs and new programs. Would the proposed idea fit into an already existing organization? Check out which clubs & organizations are active now!
    3. Is there a group of UD community members who are committed to this idea? How long might interest in this organization last? 
    4. Will this organization be able to find others who have an interest in it to carry it beyond the present? Are all of the interested students seniors? Will graduation "wipe out" the group?
    5. Have the interested students given thought to some organizational goals and objectives? Have ideas been discussed about specific programs and activities? Planning now will help answer the questions necessary to apply for provisional recognition.

Step 2: GETTING GOING - email 

After answering the following questions, students are ready to begin the application process for a charter:

  1. Develop a ConstitutionUsing the Clubs Constitution Template, develop a Constitution for your Organization. Please remember to keep your mission specific.
  2. You'll also need...
      • Three student officers
      • A faculty or staff adviser
      • A minimum of ten interested student members
      • A list of proposed activities for the first semester


In order to officially start the recommendation and approval process, please send all of the information from Step 2 to