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2016 Orientation Leaders

2016 Orientation Leaders

quotes“ Within the UD community, there are traditions, such as Charity Week and Groundhog. These traditions are unique opportunities to experience school pride. My advice to first-year students would be to give new opportunities a chance!  ”- Mary Baker, Class of 2018
quotes“ I am a junior Biology major here at UD and I hope to become a family medicine physician. The tight-knit community of UD has allowed me to share many extraordinary moments with amazing people while being here. ”- Markayla Johnson, Class of 2018
quotes“ I am a junior business major, officer of the Swing Dance Club, and member of the cross-country team. ”- Peter de Tar, Class of 2018
quotes“ I'm really just in love with everything about UD from the Core to the traditions to my classmates and professors, and especially the Rome semester, which incorporated everything I love about UD and then some. ”- Kelsey Morrison, Class of 2018
quotes“ I enjoy dancing and am on the lyrical dance team and the swing dance team at UD. I look forward to seeing y'all on campus! Welcome to UD! ”- Emily Feller, Class of 2018
quotes“ In truth, my time at UD has been swell because of the lively folk and faith filled atmosphere UD has to offer in every moment on campus. To my freshman-self, I say this: Be patient, and learn to enjoy your time in studies; all here will bear fruit in your mind and soul, if you allow. ”- Jorge Gonzalez, Class of 2018
quotes“ Some advice for y'all: bring your musical instruments! There's many opportunities to share your talent, from Cap House to Brown Bag recitals to bonfires. I picked up the ukulele last October and fell in love with it and got one for Christmas. ”- Genny Jenkins, Class of 2019
quotes“ The friends I have made are wonderful, and the great teachers that have taught me have helped to shape me into the person I am today. I also love UD's central location in the DFW area because it is so convenient to get everywhere. ”- Nicholas Cicala, Class of 2018
quotes“ Everyone here is easy going and friendly so don't be afraid to put yourself out there! Who knows? Maybe you'll find some friends that are just as crazy wonderful as you! And considering this is UD, you probably will. ”- Camille Thompson, Class of 2019
quotes“ I am a junior Politics major hoping to change the world one day! In the time that I am not studying, I like to go for a run, hike, travel, sail, and eat peanut butter. I love that UD is right by Las Colinas and Grapevine Lake! ”- Carolina Ramirez, Class of 2018
quotes“ I traveled a long and hard way until I arrived here at University of Dallas. Here I battled dragon called Biochemistry and underlings called The Core and Dorm Life. Luckily, I receive assistance from amiable wizards and incredible comrades. ”- Will Scudder, Class of 2018
quotes“ If I could go back in time and give advice to my pre-college self, I would probably tell her that its okay if your plans for your major and future change- it happens, and its normal. Just because plan A doesn't work out shouldn't get you down. ”- Rose Forget, Class of 2018
quotes“ Some of the most extraordinary moments I have had at UD include serving the community of McAllen for Alternative Spring Break, debating philosophy into the wee hours of the morning, and eating Thanksgiving dinner with the Dominicans at the priory! ”- Parker Novey, Class of 2019
quotes“ My name is Amelia Kurkowski and I'm from Chicago and I'm majoring in biology here at UD. When I'm not studying, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, praying, spending time with friends, and reading. ”- Amelia Kurkowski, Class of 2017
quotes“ I’m an ROTC cadet and am an active member of Student Government. At UD I’ve been involved in everything from playing Intramural sports to volunteering with Best Buddies to driving with friends into Dallas to explore our city. ”- Mary Glen, Class of 2018
quotes“ When i'm not drowning in essays and assigned readings, my friends and I enjoy venturing out to Southlake for shopping, Las Colinas for froyo, and Uptown for brunch. Brace yourselves for a campus rich with genuine spirits, constant laughter, and all-consuming joy. ”- Lili Serna, Class of 2018
quotes“ A piece of advice that I would give before starting at UD is to not be afraid to talk to anyone, especially your professors. Most of the time they want you to talk to them and in the end it is usually more helpful than anything else. ”- Natalie Sandlin, Class of 2018
quotes“ You can find wisdom at UD even randomly walking on the mall and I am not even kidding and this is the best thing about UD for me. I hope you guys have a great freshman year. ”- Muhammad Usama Arif, Class of 2019
quotes“ . In my free time here on campus, I plan social events as an RHA (Residence Hall Association) representative and love to spend time just hanging out or studying with my friends! As the only student in my class from my home state, I really came to appreciate the welcoming community here at UD during my freshman year, and am so excited to now welcome YOU to campus! ”- Allison Pettyjohn, Class of 2019
quotes“ Keep an open mind as you're coming into this community, it will totally embrace you! I love the Catholic community, the incredibly strong friendships I've formed, and of course our very tight-nit family in the drama department. ”- Ellen Rogers, Class of 2018
quotes“ If I could go back in time to the beginning of my freshman year, I would tell myself, "Don't take yourself too seriously, meet as many people as you can, and don't sweat the small stuff." ”- Mary Brulè, Class of 2018
quotes“ My time at UD has definitely made me realize that it is anything but ordinary and filled with some of the most extraordinary people as well. From the friends you'll make to the professors you'll have, everything about UD is unique. ”- Natalie Martinez, Class of 2018
quotes“ UD is a wonderful university, even if I am a science major I am exposed to all sorts of things from great literature to very insightful theology. Being a part of UD exposes you to so many new friends who understand you and help you understand the beauty of conversation, and that is an experience that should never be forgotten. ”- Tatiana Hernandez, Class of 2019
quotes“ What has made my UD experience extraordinary is the Literary Tradition courses that I have taken. The classic books that I have read in Lit Trad (The Iliad, The Odyssey, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Beowulf, to name a few) have given me a new insight to the human experience that I did not possess before. ”- Mersey Morales, Class of 2019
quotes“ I'm working to earn my degree in Biology and a concentration in Human Sciences. I was born in India, raised in Cleveland, and currently live in Coppell. I love meeting new people, and when I'm not studying or running clubs, you can find me playing video games. ”- Hina Ahmed, Class of 2018
quotes“ I'm from Rowlett, Texas (go Rangers!), and I love reading, writing, listening to music, playing softball, and watching movies with friends. I love UD so much because of the great friendly community and the many extracurricular opportunities offered outside of classes. ”- Katelyn Croll, Class of 2019
quotes“ Currently, I'm an undeclared sophomore, but I'm interested in science. I love ultimate frisbee, swing dancing, cooking, eating, and making puns. I'm really happy to be able to help you get to know our amazing University! ”- Joan of Arc Dougherty, Class of 2019
quotes“ I am always up for an adventure; you will often find me lounging up in the trees around campus. Sometimes I cartwheel down the mall. You may hear me singing in the cafeteria, you will probably see me dancing at swing club. ”- Michelle Little, Class of 2019
quotes“ If I could go back in time, I would tell my freshman self to be unafraid to introduce myself to people during Orientation and those first few weeks of freshman year. Everyone is in the same boat trying to make new friends. ”- Sarah Webster, Class of 2018
quotes“ I'm studying Theology here at UD and in my free time I like to bake and do yoga. Over my past two years I've made some unforgettable memories at UD and I hope to help you do the same! ”- Kelly Kuzma, Class of 2018
quotes“ . I love learning about different cultures and new people so I hope we can get to know each other this year. I'm excited to help you begin your journey and help you make some memories that will last a lifetime. ”- Moira Quinn, Class of 2018
quotes“ Expand your preconceived notion of the types of people you want to spend time with. Expect to do well on a paper, but expect to do poorly on some. Welcome the happiness and rejections that you will unavoidably endure during your college experience, because all of it is necessary to make you better and stronger! ”- Melanie Eastham, Class of 2018
quotes“ I met my best friends here, and the campus-wide community, if you seek it out, is wonderful, especially through campus ministry. Do not be afraid! It is good that you are here. And I am glad to be at your service. ”- Zachary Foust, Class of 2017
quotes“ UD has become one of my favorite places, in which I have learned a great deal about how to think, how to write, how to manage time wisely, and how to have a great time with friends! Prepare yourselves for a life changing experience. ”- Deana Ramirez, Class of 2019 


quotes“ I grew up right down the road in Arlington and I love the D/FW sports teams as well as international soccer. My favorite things about UD are the small class sizes and the relationships that you are able to have with your classmates because of the size! ”- Thomas Cuda, Class of 2019
quotes“ Genuine friendship is what made my UD experience extraordinary here. People accept you for your nerdiness and your coolness and even your occasional nonchalance because many take the time to actually see you! ”- Jarad White, Class of 2019
quotes“ I am a senior psychology major with concentrations in physics, spanish, and biopsychology. I run on UD's track team and also am involved in verso l'alto, crusaders for kids, swing club, and swing team. ”- Tom Pierick, Class of 2017
quotes“ Here at UD I spend much of my free time conversing and singing with my friends. I am probably going to be an English major, in part because the English classes I have taken so far have been wonderful. There is a lot of reading to be done, but it is worth it. ”- Elizabeth Hanson, Class of 2019
quotes“ I've had some of the most memorable experiences of making new friends and learning new things. It may seem overwhelming at first being in a new place with new people, but fear not! It soon gets easier and the University of Dallas quickly comes to feel like a second home. ”- Kate Pohl, Class of 2019
quotes“ I come from southeast Arkansas and enjoy a good campfire, a flourishing vegetable garden, and any Willie Nelson song. I ended up here at UD pretty much by accident. However, it was serendipitous, because I’ve never been happier. ”- Eva Harrison, Class of 2019
quotes“ I'm from Indiana and I'm currently studying English here at UD. When I'm not studying I like to take walks around campus, read on the swings on the mall, and meet friends at the capp bar! ”- Lia Trujillo, Class of 2019
quotes“ My advice to you as you begin your own experience here is to get involved in something you really enjoy because what you do outside of class greatly enhances your college experience too. ”- Gabrielle Macinnes, Class of 2018
quotes“ . If I could go back I would tell myself "Maria. Just chill. Look out the window and enjoy the ride." Sure, the academics are tough, but nothing a bright freshman like you can't handle! Remember that college is more than just a degree, it's part of LIFE. ”- Maria Wasilewski, Class of 2017
quotes“ Although I started off in Pre-med, I am now a Philosophy and Theology major. My favorite virtue is joy and I love to play tennis and sing. The handsome man in the photo is my brother. ”- Jessica Pedersen, Class of 2019
quotes“ Meeting new people has been my favorite part of my time at UD. The people here are wonderful, and the friendships I've been able to form have been invaluable. ”- Molly Wierman, Class of 2017
quotes“ The community and the faculty invested in your academic success are what make UD a really special school, and I have definitely learned a lot. I can't wait for the new class of 2020 to experience that! ”- Margaret Shipp, Class of 2019


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