Charity Week Schedule

Charity Week 2018: Charity Finds a Way

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Monday, October 15th:

Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Egg (Capture the Flag): Upperclassmen vs Underclassmen! For only $3, you can join the game on the mall on Monday, October 15th from 7-10 pm

Tuesday, October 16th:

Bake Sale: Tuesday, October 16th from 10am-2pm in Haggar Foyer

Tie Dye: For $3, at 2-6 p.m at Jerome Hill

UD’s Got Talent: From 8-10pm in Haggar, it’s UD’s favorite game show! This year, we have combined two iconic Charity Week events, Airband and Open Mic! Go to this link to sign up:

Wednesday, October 17th:

Silent Auction: From 11am-3pm in Haggar. Come bet on your favorite professors’ and departments’ baskets and goodies. All cash due by end of day.

Quiz Bowl: From 8-10 pm in the Rathskeller. It costs $5 per team with a maximum of 5 players per team. A prize provided by CAB awaits the victor.

Thursday, October 18th:

Physics Department Balloon Launch: Come to the mall at noon! $1 for 2 balloons

Karaoke TGIT: 9-12 in the Rat

Friday, October 18th:

Bubble Soccer Tournament: 3-6 pm at MacNab Pitch. Sign up on a team or as a single player; the booth will be open all week in Haggar!

Jurassic Park Movie Screening: 7:45 pm in the Art History Auditorium, hot coco & popcorn provided!

Saturday, October 19th:

5K: 9am on the Mall.To register, please come to the table in Haggar during Charity Week from 10am-5pm Wednesday to Friday to purchase your bandana!

Powderpuff Football: 12-2 pm on MacNab Pitch, Upperclassmen girls vs Underclassmen girls!

Male Auction: Starts at 8pm on the Mall. There will be VIP tickets on sale Wednesday, October 17th for the ladies for $15 and include front row seats, special badges, and other amenities. Come enjoy a night of dino-sized fun to close out the week!

Events Happening All Week:

KAOS (Killing as an Organized Sport): Are you an expert in KAOS Theory? Prove it in Charity Week’s most dangerous and exciting event!

T-Shirts: Sold for $15 in the Haggar Foyer during Charity Week until sizes run out

Tuck-Ins: Would you like an ‘80s workout crew make your roommate do push ups, or to set loose a dinosaur in your friend’s apartment? Then you should get them a Tuck-In! You can order a Tuck-In for your friend in Haggar during the Monday to Wednesday of Charity Week from 10am - 5pm for just $5!

Penny Wars: Drop by the Penny Wars booth and fill up your class’s jar; it’s the ultimate battle for good! The table will be open from Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm in Haggar Foyer

Crush Cans: Do you want to tell your crush that nothing tricera-tops them? Or that they make your heart saur? Then come by the Crush Can booth in Haggar! Buy a crush can for just $1 in Haggar Foyer! The booth will be open during Charity Week from 10am - 5 pm.

Rome Photos: There are some beautiful sights out there – like dinosaurs and Europe. Stop by the Haggar booth during Charity Week to cast a $1 vote for your favorite pictures. Winners get Winter Cotillion Tickets!

Enter our Rome Photo contest to win a prize (and eternal glory). It costs $2 to submit one picture, $5 to submit three pictures, and $8 to submit five pictures. Pay for your submissions in Haggar on October 11th and 12th. Submit a picture from your Rome semester here on the Forum:

Jail: All week, you can lock up your friends on the mall for $1 an hour.