Buying a Computer

What Computer Should I Buy?

The following outlines the recommended considerations when buying a computer for a student at UD.

Minimum Requirements

  • Ethernet Port or Network Interface Card (10/100 Ethernet NIC)
  • Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Good, up to date AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software is a must.

Recommended System

  • Intel Core and Pentium processors are faster than Celerons, and AMD Athlons are faster than Semprons. Intel and AMD are just about equal in performance. While your priorities may not dictate that your child have a monster machine, buying newer technology insulates them against obsolescence. The faster the CPU - the longer it will be useful.
  • At a minimum any modern computer should have 2048MB (2GB) of RAM or more. The best and cheapest way to gain performance is with a RAM upgrade - we recommend that you put as much RAM in the computer as possible. RAM is even more important than CPU speed.
  • Buy the extended warranty - in the next three years it is very likely that the computer will need some form of repair and an extended warranty will make it easier and faster to get your child's computer up and running again.
  • Dell is highly recommended for ease of warranty transactions - if your child's computer breaks at school he/she can get Dell to fix it and does not need to mail it off to the manufacturer. Most other manufacturers including Apple, HP, Toshiba and others require the computer to be shipped or delivered to them for any service.
  • UD does have wireless networks on campus for laptop users. This is very convenient for study groups. We recommend that your student's laptop have a WiFi card (802.11 wireless network interface card).
  • I reiterate: Good, up to date AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software is a must.

Other recommendations

  • Buy a flash drive. Sometimes called thumb drives or USB drives, flash drives are very inexpensive, very stable, sturdy, and incredibly useful to students for carrying their work from home to the print lab and sometimes even to class.
  • Once again: Good, up to date AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software is a must.

The University of Dallas has developed partnerships with computer manufacturers in order to provide discounts for our students. Please click here to take advantage of these discounts.