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Confidential Resources

Confidential Assistance

The University generally expects all University employees to report alleged Title IX violations, including alleged incidents of sexual violence, to the Title IX Office. The University also seeks to maintain the privacy of all involved in a Title IX investigation, keeping in mind the University's responsibility to eliminate civil rights offenses and protect our community from those who would wrong others.

Sometimes, however, someone may want to seek assistance without the possibility of a Title IX investigation or disciplinary process. In order to more fully help those who may be victims of a Title IX violation, the University has designated various employees who can assist members of the University community without being required to provide personally identifiable information to the Title IX Office.

These are the the employees that the University has designated to provide confidential assistance:

Licensed mental health counselors

Johnathan Sumpter, Director of the Counseling Center
Vanessa Garcia
Jennise Urbina
Merlyn Antony
Haggar University Center, 2nd Floor
(972) 721-4045

Licensed medical professionals

Dr. Lora Rodriguez
UD Health Center, Haggar University Center, 2nd Floor
(972) 721-5322

Vowed religious (priests, deacons, and religious sisters and brothers), when providing pastoral services

Father Thomas More Barba, O.P., Chaplain
Campus Ministry Office, SB Hall, 2nd Floor
(972) 721-5375

Campus Ministry Staff

Fr. Joseph Paul Albin, O.P., Associate Director of Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry Office, SB Hall, 2nd Floor
(972) 721-5375