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Cardinal Farrell Hall

How Your Support Will Help

A building does not create the character of a place, but it can certainly enhance it. With Cardinal Farrell Hall, the University of Dallas will become to those looking in what it already is to those looking out: a cohesive whole. When visitors — whether donors or prospective students — arrive on campus, they will no longer see a grouping of buildings that give no clear indication of which the main building might be. Rather, they will be drawn into an obvious focal point, one that is the embodiment of the rigorous academics and tight-knit community for which UD stands.

A Building for the Future

Level 1 Administration Offices

The efficient “Main Street” design will provide students more convenient, one-stop access to financial aid, registration, student account and student employment services.

Multipurpose Board Room

A second floor multipurpose/board room, which looks out onto Braniff Mall, is easily reconfigured to accommodate large meetings and events.

Advancement Offices

The Executive Suite and Office of Advancement will be housed on the third floor. Reception areas with c-level finishes will make the best possible impression on special guests.

Level 2 Lobby

Accessible from the second level lobby will be the Provost’s Suite, three classrooms, a computer lab and a multipurpose/board room.

Main Street

The new student services and administration building will feature four first-floor “storefronts” that form a student-focused “Main Street” of sorts.

Whereas once one might have been surprised by the astonishing educational results yielded by such an unassuming assortment of structures, Cardinal Farrell Hall will provide the immediate impression of inherent possibility. Because of a building, recognition will grow. The degrees of alumni will carry greater weight, because when they say, “the University of Dallas,” others will respond, “Oh, yes, what an amazing education,” as they picture the building where that education, in many ways, began.