Veterans' Guidelines

The veteran is solely responsible for following the guidelines below:

    • Must inform VA Certifying Official EACH TERM, immediately after enrolling or dropping. There is no mechanism to see that you have enrolled or dropped and that the notification of enrollment is the only action keeping your benefits active.
    • Late certifications will result in delay of benefit payments, so it is incumbent upon the student to ensure certification is completed in a timely manner.
    • By requesting Chapter 33 benefits, you as the student, is financially liable to UD for all charges not covered by VA benefits.
    • An outstanding balance may prevent registering for future classes.
    • Must inform VA Certifying Official of ANY CHANGES in your major, address, etc.
    • Benefits are not allowed for any courses that you have already earned a passing grade. Additionally, federal law prohibits the certification of courses that do not meet specific degree program requirements.
    • Recipients of veteran benefits must meet satisfactory progress standards in order to continue receiving benefits.
    • Veterans are responsible for knowing when their VA benefits are exhausted.