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What are the important dates to know for parents during the academic school year?

Please refer to the Critical Dates and Deadlines webpage for a full list of important dates and deadlines.

What information do I need to know if my student is a commuter?

Each semester that your student commutes from a local home, the student and parent(s) must sign a Verification of Residency Form (verifying that the student is actually living at the parents' home. This form is mailed to the student's home address at the beginning of each semester.

If your student will live at home and commute to school, please remind yourself that college is not an extension of high school. UD courses are more demanding and require more out-of-classroom preparation. Involvement in a variety of on campus events and activities is essential in order for your student to get the most out of his or her college experience.

Does my student need to bring a computer to college?

While it is not necessary to bring a computer to college as the computer lab has computers available for student use, most students do bring their own computers with them. For more information about computer services available at UD, visit the Academic Information Systems webpage.

On the Rome campus there are just a few computers for limited email use. If you want to be able to type rather than hand-write your papers and have access to online media for the art course, you will need to bring a laptop. If you are purchasing a new computer for college, we suggest making it a laptop so you can bring it with you to Rome.

Is the University of Dallas a safe campus?

Yes, we have a Campus Safety office that is open 24 hours a day for students. Officers patrol the campus via marked cars and also perform a walk through of the dorms every few hours. These officers provide physical security, fire protection and prevention, emergency first aid, safety programs and inspections, and investigate and enforce violations of the Code of Student Conduct and criminal offenses on UD property. Thanks to the size and location of the campus, students feel very comfortable on campus and look out for each other.

Campus Safety Office: 972-721-5305

Emergency: 972-265-5911

Is there parking or public transportation available?

Parking is readily available on campus and freshmen are allowed to have cars. A small fee is charged for students who wish to park on campus. UD is located just 15 minutes from downtown Dallas. Public transportation to the greater Dallas and Fort Worth areas is accessible through DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit. UD does currently have a DART bus stop on campus.  The University of Dallas is now also home to a DART light rail stop. The light rail system takes students to locations throughout Irving, Downtown Dallas and its suburbs; including Dallas Love airport, Parkland Hospital, Fair Park and American Airlines Center.

Students can also get off campus and enjoy all that Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer through the UD Dallas Year[BROKEN LINK] program. At least twice a month, UD sponsors a trip to locations throughout the Metroplex. For a minimal price (usually $5-$15), students can attend the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, professional sporting events, Texas State Fair, Dallas area museums and more.

During the holidays many students need a ride to one of the regional airports, such as DFW International or Dallas Love Field.  They may also need a ride to and from campus for other reasons.  Although there are many private local transportation companies that may be found online, below are a couple of regional services options.

Super Shuttle:  800-BLUE-VAN (258-3826) or online at

TRC Transportation:  469-387-8131 or online at 

Where can I find the Student Handbook?

Please visit the Student Handbook webpage.

What happens after my student decides to attend the University of Dallas and sends in the $400 deposit?

Once a student has been admitted to the University of Dallas and decides he or she wants to attend UD, a $400 deposit is required to reserve their place. Students who have deposited can now begin preparation for attending UD.  Upon confirmation an email will be sent to the student regarding required forms for medical clearance, campus housing and academic advising information.  Students will then later receive information about their UD e-mail address, Orientation information, etc.

When will I be able to visit my son or daughter?

Parents are welcome to visit their son or daughter once they are a current student. We also host a Family Weekend each year during the fall semester. Check our recommended hotels webpage for a list of hotels for families to stay at if they are visiting the Dallas area. Another popular time to visit your student is during their Rome semester. There is limited housing on the Rome campus for families who choose to visit or they may stay in nearby hotels.

When is Family Weekend?

Family Weekend normally takes place in October.   For more information please feel free to email or call 972-721-5323.. Once plans are finalized, complete details can be found on the Parent and Family Weekend webpage.

Will my student feel welcome on campus if he/she is not from Texas?

Yes, students who are not native Texans are actually the majority at UD. About 55% of UD students are not from Texas, and the average distance traveled by students who attend UD is just over 700 miles. The University of Dallas is a residential campus where 90% of first year students live on campus, and many students choose to live on campus through their junior and senior years. This creates a very welcoming and safe community where students live together, study together, pray together and enjoy each others' company. UD students are often found enjoying activities in the evenings and on the weekends, both on campus and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

What is the Catholic identity of UD?

The UD community believes faith strengthens and matures when it is subject to deep thought, probing questions and passionate debate. UD is a Catholic university in that it is an intellectual community empowered by an honest search for truth. John Paul II wrote in Ex Corde Ecclesiae, "A Catholic University is distinguished by its free search for the whole truth about nature, man, and God," and the UD community upholds his passionate words. The UD community as a whole can be described as religious, theological and spiritual, and discussions about faith continue outside of the classroom. Four churches are available to students for daily and Sunday Masses. Reconciliation, daily Rosary, Bible study, praise and worship and community service opportunities are available to students throughout the week. The Church of the Incarnation is open 24 hours a day so students and professors have access to the Blessed Sacrament. Though UD is an independent Catholic university, there are diocesan, Dominican and Cistercian priests and seminarians on campus.

What if my son or daughter is not Catholic?

UD students who are not Catholic still partake in the search for truth and join in the passionate debates mentioned above. All students are encouraged to explore the idea that they are spiritual beings, even if that may mean something different to them than it does to their classmates. UD Campus Ministry is open to all students and can help non-Catholic students find churches and religious organizations in the Dallas/ Fort Worth community if they are interested. Community service also serves as a common interest of our students regardless of denomination. Community service and Mass are not required of any students at UD but are open to anyone who wants to participate. To learn more about Campus Ministry, click here.

Should I send my high school student to visit the University of Dallas?

Absolutely, we recommend that high school and transfer students considering the University of Dallas as a college option visit our campus. A visit to campus can be personalized per your student's interests and often includes classes, meetings with professors and coaches, lunch with current students, Department Scholarship interviews and a chance to stay overnight in the dorms. Your student can also visit for one of our many overnight open house events where students from all over the country come to participate in an Odyssey Day (senior and transfers), or Meet Us @ the Tower (admitted students) weekend. Dates for these weekends and recommended dates for personalized visits can be found here.

What is new at the University of Dallas?

UD is growing and currently has more undergraduate students on campus than any other time in its 56 year history. There are approximately 1,400 undergraduate students at the University of Dallas.

In the summer of 2012, extensive renovations to the Haggar Caf were completed in order to better accommodate students with special diets, modernize the kitchen and facilities and provide more freshly made options to students and other patrons.

Recently, the University of Dallas has added majors in Human Sciences and the Contemporary World, which explores the institutions, structures, and practices that have prompted dynamic changes in today's society; Computer Science, which includes 50 hours of computer science, math and physics courses; and Nursing, which is a dual degree program in partnership with Texas Woman's University; and Engineering, which allows physics majors to have the opportunity to pursue a cooperative degree in electrical engineering through the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Electrical Engineering Department.

The DART Orange Line includes a University of Dallas stop on the northeast side of campus, which began operation in July of 2012. The city of Dallas is also updating the current freeway systems around campus. Over the next few years, the addition of the DART stop and updated renovated streets and highways will mean enhanced access for UD students to the greater Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

If my student attends the University of Dallas, what kind of academic environment will he/she find?

The academics at UD are rigorous, and students are challenged to think and be an active participant in their learning. This starts with reading the Great Books, then students discuss Western tradition as a whole in Core classes and finally they learn to formulate their ideas in dialogue and on paper and present them to their peers. Small class sizes guarantee that your student will interact with our professors and their peers as they prove that truth and virtue still exist and can be discovered through an education in the Great Books.

Does the University of Dallas have a reputation for academics?  Is it ranked?

The University of Dallas was the youngest college or university in the 20th century to be honored with a Phi Beta Kappa honors chapter. UD is ranked as a "Best College" by The Princeton Review, a "Best Buy" by the Fiske Guide to Colleges, one of America's best in U.S. News & World Report's 2012 Best Colleges rankings and Forbes magazine named UD one of America's Best Colleges. The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College has also designated UD as one of the top Catholic colleges in the United States.

Other UD distinctions include an 85% acceptance rate for pre-med students into medical school and a 90% acceptance rate for pre-law students into law school. Overall, 80% of UD students continue their education at graduate or professional schools. UD also has one the highest participation rates for students who study abroad; currently the vast majority of UD students spend a semester on our campus in Rome, Italy.

Where should I send my student if he or she needs any help with classes, registration, tutoring or any other academic issues?

Students should first seek the assistance of the professor of the class they need help with. Professors and Advisors can provide support and point students in the right direction for tutoring.  The Academic Success Office is also a great place for students to seek assistance.

What is the Core Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum is comprised of 60 hours, most of which are taken during your student's first two years at UD. The Core is shared between all majors, meaning every student has the unique opportunity to study works that have been the most influential in shaping and revolutionizing the history of the Western World. All UD students and alumni are familiar with the original works of Homer, Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Shakespeare, Milton, and other great thinkers who make up Western tradition as it is known today. As students discuss and reflect upon the information embedded in many of the greatest works and stories ever written, they realize that there are many common themes and conversations throughout the Core. This type of liberal arts curriculum challenges students to think independently, write intellectually, and communicate effectively. Whether our graduates become teachers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, or priests, they will be able to reflect back upon the Core curriculum which helped them realize who they are as an "independent thinker." Visit the Core curriculum webpage to learn more.

Does the University of Dallas offer tutoring?

Peer and graduate student tutors are available in many departments on campus. A writing lab is available to edit essays for students before they are turned in for a final grade. Most of the tutoring services offered on campus are free of charge. Study groups are also very popular and easy to manage, since most of the students live on campus. The best way to find out about tutoring opportunities is to ask your professor. They may be able to suggest a student tutor, study group, or classmate for your student to use to help them in a particular class.

How will my student choose his or her major?

Students are not required to choose their major until the end of their sophomore yearin fact, "Undecided" is the most popular freshman major. Students can focus on the Core classes for their first two years at UD while they learn more about the different classes and professors in each major. UD currently offers 25 majors, 30 concentrations, and 10 pre-professional programs that students can choose from and even combine to fit their unique interests. Each semester, your student will be required to meet with a faculty advisor. Their advisor can help them determine which undergraduate program is the best option for them based on what they want to do while they are a student and once they graduate from UD. For a complete list of majors offered at UD and more information visit the majors webpage.

When do classes end for the fall semester and when will final exams be over in the fall?

The final exam schedule is based upon the student's class schedule. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office at 972-721-5221.

How much does the University of Dallas cost?

Tuition and Fees, along with other important financial information can be found on the tuition and fees webpage.

How do students apply for financial aid?

The Admissions and Financial Aid Office can help you with the financial aid process.

What type of financial aid will be available to my student?

Approximately 95% of UD students are awarded financial aid and/or scholarships. Students qualify for scholarships based on their academic merit. To estimate the financial aid and scholarship options for UD, please use the Financial Aid and Scholarship calculator. Financial aid is available to students with financial need as established through the FAFSA ( On average, UD students are eligible for $14,000-$16,000 in merit based scholarship and need-based aid.

What scholarships are available?

UD has numerous scholarship opportunities. Please visit the Scholarships and Awards webpage for information about each award and the deadlines for the awards.

Who can I speak to about my student's tuition bill?

Questions about a student's bill can be directed to, 972-721-5144 or the Student Account Services webpage.

How can I have the Yearbook fee removed from my child's account?

The Yearbook fee can be removed by filling out the Opt Out of Yearbook form before the mid-September deadline.

What is my student's mailing address?

Address mail to your student at:

First Name Last Name

University of Dallas

1845 E. Northgate Dr.

Box ____

Irving, TX 75062

What is the residency requirement at the University of Dallas?

The majority of UD's student body is required to live on campus until they are 21 years of age, married, or have senior standing. On-campus housing options include traditional freshman residence halls, on-campus apartments, and a suite-style upperclassmanb residence hall with one, two, and three person options. Students who live on campus will also have a meal plan (unless in Student Apartments) and declining balance which can be used at the Haggar cafeteria or the Rathskeller.

How can I change my child's meal plan?

Contact the Office of Student Affairs at (972) 721-5323 or for more information.  After the 3rd Friday of the semester, meal plans are locked in for the remainder of the semester and cannot be changed.

How much does it cost to do laundry on campus?

Room rates include the cost of laundry.  Campus residents can do as much laundry as needed under this plan.

When do the residence halls open at the beginning of the fall semester?

New incoming freshmen may move into the residence halls at the beginning of New Student Orientation when advised to do so.  If a student has any boxes that have been shipped from home, they may also pick those up from Printing and Postal on that same Friday afternoon before 5:00 pm.  For more information, visit the new student information page, or contact the Office of Student Affairs at 972-721-5323 or  via email to  Continuing students can move into the residence halls and student apartments beginning the following Sunday, at 8:00 am.  

 When do the residence halls and student apartments close at the end of the spring semester?

All residents must be completely moved out of their residence hall by the end of finals on Friday, at 10 am. Upon moving out, hall residents must submit their Room Condition Report to their RA.  Campus apartment residents only will complete their online checkout form. Residents of freshman halls must return their room keys to their Resident Assistant or to the Campus Safety Office if after normal business hours. Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 972-721-5323 or email for more information.

Will there be food available on campus during Easter break?

No, there will be no contract food service available on campus from the cafeteria or the Rathskeller during the Easter break, even though the residence halls will remain open. The last meal served will be lunch on that Thursday,  and meals will resume with dinner on the following Monday. For more information, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 972-721-5323 or

My child has extraordinary circumstances that affect travel to or from school.  Can arrangements be made for early arrival or late departure from the residence hall?

It may be possible to make arrangements for students with extraordinary travel circumstances to move in or out of their residence hall room on a different date than the hall opening or closing dates.  However, this is accompanied by a charge of $50 per night for each day the the students stays on campus when the hall is closed.  Relocation may also be necessary.  Please complete the late departure request form or early arrival request form or email Betty Perretta at with a request for the form link.

My child has a maintenance issue in his/her dorm room.  How can this be fixed?

Your child should complete an online work order with the Facilities department, [if submitting from a computer on campus] or work order if submitting from a computer off campus. If you have issues submitting this form, contact Facilities at 972-721-5296.

What is the cost for on-campus housing?

Housing charges are based upon where the student will be residing.  The charges differ for the freshman halls, the New Hall, and the Student Apartments and also differ form room type.  A list of these charges can be found on the Housing Rates Sheet.  Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 972-721-5323 or email for more information. 

Where will my son or daughter go if he or she becomes ill?

Students who become ill during the school year can report to the Student Health Service Clinic. Dr. Lora Rodriguez is our on campus physician and is available Monday through Friday in the afternoons for appointments and walk-ins. Health Services also educates students on health concerns and illnesses that can affect a college campus. Health Services can also coordinate with counseling services for students with mental health concerns. For emergency care, multiple hospitals and clinics are located within minutes of campus. Consult the Student Health Services Center webpage for more information.

Will I be informed if my son or daughter is ill?

If it is an emergency, parents of a student will be notified. Otherwise, the student needs to sign a release of information form from the Health Center to release personal medical information to anyone, including parents.

How do out-of-state students get their monthly prescriptions refilled?

Students can visit the Student Health Services Center for a consult.

What vaccination do students need before coming to campus?

Students are required to have proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, hepatitis B and tetanus. Students at risk for tuberculosis must provide documentation of tuberculosis screening within the past year. A complete Medical History Form must be received in the Office of Student Affairs before a student is allowed to register for classes or live on campus. Exemptions must be processed through the State of Texas.

Are students required to have health insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory for all full time UD undergraduate students to have health insurance. To waive the UD student health insurance, fall students must complete an online waiver form by the publicized date in mid-September.   The deadline for new spring enrollees is in early February.  Verification of private insurance is required on the form. All students who do not complete the insurance waiver form are automatically charged for the University student health insurance. Information about the mandatory student insurance program can be found in the 'Student Insurance' section on the Health Services webpage.

Can you explain the UD student health insurance process and what the insurance covers?

All UD students are required to be covered by health insurance.  As a result, all undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the University of Dallas Health Insurance plan at the beginning of each academic year.  As many students are already covered by health insurance, there is the option of waiving the UD health insurance by submitting current health insurance information, which will remove the health insurance charge from the student's account.  The waiver process is done entirely online by a publicized deadline date.   After this date, the student's coverage is locked in for the entire year and the charge cannot be removed.  Failure to waive by the deadline implies acceptance of the policy and the related charges.   Additional information is available HERE.  


How does the student health insurance work while my child is in Rome?

Students are still required to have health insurance while in Rome. If the student is enrolled in the University of Dallas health insurance, the coverage, via reimbursement, applies in Europe as well as in the United States (factor in currency exchange rates). 

What is the biggest adjustment my student will face when he or she comes to college?

Students face a number of adjustments over the course of their first year at college. Initially, their biggest issue is often homesickness. It can take some time to get used to living away from home, sharing a living space with someone they have never met before - all without the close support system that parents and families represent for them. Later on in the semester, roommate issues may arise and academic pressures begin to build up as students realize the great amount of time and effort it takes to succeed at UD.

Fortunately, UD has plenty of resources available for students at each stage of their adjustment to life at UD. The Counseling Center has a licensed counselor available to speak with students regarding anything from homesickness to anxiety or any other issue they would like to discuss.

For roommate issues we encourage students to talk to one another to resolve the problem; Resident Assistants are available to help mediate the discussion. Students facing academic difficulties are advised to talk with their professors and/or advisors.

What kinds of athletics are available to students at UD?

A variety of sports activities are provided to nurture the physical well being of the community and to provide an opportunity for students to compete in sports in an educationally sound environment. The University of Dallas currently offers 14 intercollegiate sports for men and women on the non-scholarship, Division III level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. More information about UD Athletics can be found on the Athletics webpage.

  What activities are available for my student at UD?

Student Activities puts on frequent events around campus. These events include TGIT, movies, dances, and excursions off campus in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The Residence Hall Association also puts on various hall and campus wide events throughout the school year. There is a Club and Organization Fair at the beginning of each semester so students can learn about the various clubs and organizations offered on campus. Check out the various Clubs and Organizations to which your student can join.

What happens if my student decides to study on the Rome campus?

Studying abroad is very popular for college students. In order to make studying abroad easier on the students and the parents, UD owns a campus in Rome, Italy, where students can continue to take Core classes. They can study Western tradition at its heart while living in an Italian villa overlooking a working vineyard. Most UD students go to Rome during their sophomore year. The tuition in Rome is the same as a semester on the Irving campus.  However, some additional funds will be needed for travel expenses.


Prestigious Physics Fellowship Supports Alumna's Research

In a mountain range in Italy, Sophia Andaloro, BS '19, investigates dark matter. One of the 2019 Cardinal Spellman recipients at UD, Andaloro received both the 2020 NSF Graduate Fellowship and the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE NNSA SSGF) this past year, her first year in graduate school at Rice University. She is one of five graduate students who will join the NNSA program this fall.

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How Do You Build the Perfect Sandcastle?

According to a team of University of Dallas juniors, there's an optimal water-to-sand ratio, roughly 6%, along with a borrowed methodology that's endured the test of time dating back to the relics of the Old Kingdom. The students' research, titled "The Best Sandcastles Are Egyptian: Pyramids Reign Supreme," was awarded a Meritorious designation in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) -- a first in university history.

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Alumnus Named Among 2020 Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America

Savoy, the leading African American business and lifestyle magazine, recently dubbed University of Dallas alumnus and Gupta College of Business Hall of Fame recipient Irvin Ashford Jr., MBA '00, among its 2020 list of elite Black executives. The listing garnered Ashford industry recognition along with the likes of Robert Smith, billionaire founder of Vista Equity Partners, out of more than 500 prospective candidates.

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