Important Dates

August 30
New Student Move In
Volleyball Season Opens

August 31 - September 3
New Student/Parent Orientation

August 31
Men's Soccer Season Opens
Cross Country Season Opens

September 1
Continuing Student Move In

September 3
Mandatory Residence Hall Meeting - 9 p.m.; RHA Elections

September 4
Classes Begin

September 8
Online Check-In Deadline for Campus Residents

September 15
Constitution Day

September 16-20
Career Services Week

September 20
Meal Plan Change Deadline
Yearbook Opt Out Deadline

September 21
Insurance Waiver Deadline

October 4-6
Alumni & Family Weekend

October 6-12
Charity Week

October 16
Softball Season Opens

October 18
Fall Reading Day

October 19

October 25-26
Odyssey Days

October 21-25
Midsemester Exams

October 25-26
UD Ministry Conference

November 2
All Soul's Day Memorial Mass

November 11
Remembrance Day National Roll Call

November 15
Women's Basketball Season Opens

November 16
Chili Cook-Off
Battle of the Bands
Men's Basketball Season Opens

November 18-22
Spring Housing Registration Week

November 22-23
Odyssey Days

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Parent & Family Services is now on Facebook! Are you interested in connecting with other college parents? Please join our group on Facebook to connect with other UD parents, share advice, tips and ever a little encouragement.  Join today! 

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Student and Parent Services
Phone: 972.721.5113

From the Desk of the President

Upon entering the University of Dallas, your student embarks upon a four year odyssey, or a quest; it is not of mythical monsters and wrathful gods, but a journey fraught with challenges and hardships, yet full of rewards. As they embark upon their journey, exit the harbor, and watch their sails fill, you, as well as they, wonder what is their final destination. In the invocation of Homer’s Odyssey, the mythical and fantastical sojourns of Odysseus, the narrator asks the Muse “from some point” to “speak and begin our story” (I.9-10). Instead of bringing us to the beginning of Odysseus’ wanderings, the Muse directs us in the first books to study the travels of Telemachos, Odysseus’ son.

In these four books, Telemachos at first embarks on a journey to find his father; the journey transforms into a journey of self-discovery and maturity, emerging from puerile conceits into adulthood. He overcomes his shyness and ignorance, as well as his fear and hesitation, and in turn learns modesty, courage, grace, and ingenuity. He comes into his own, finding not only where he belongs but, most importantly, what is his home. Your students also shall venture forth on a personal journey: by exploring past civilizations and reflecting upon the words and deeds of the greatest authors, philosophers, and theologians, they will learn about themselves, about the world in which they live. They will develop; they will overcome their shyness and ignorance, as well as their own hesitation and ignorance, and in turn learn modesty, courage, grace, and ingenuity.

Our students do not encounter monsters like the Cyclops or the Scylla; they do encounter some very tenacious faculty but I promise they will be better for the experience and no one has died yet. As they read the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid, they will come face to face with Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, Aeneas, Penelope, Agamemnon, and Turnus, figures that do not remain two-dimensional but which assume form and manifest certain truths. They argue about Plato’s philosopher-king and Aristotle’s magnanimous man. In time, the conversation only gets deeper and richer as they continue to take classes in the Core and as they begin to settle on their majors which may be physics, business, history, philosophy, chemistry, etc. Great Books and Civilization courses combine to form Traditions in Literature, History, Philosophy, Politics, and Art, laying bare the roots that ground the house and home that your students shall find at the University of Dallas and in the outside world as well.

And so, as you watch your daughters and sons sail off, know that although they shall face great labors and trials, if they persevere and with the grace of God they shall return as adults both in mind and body, capable of facing and accepting their role in the world with grace, wisdom, and courage. 

Thomas W. Keefe, J.D.

Hello Crusader Parents!

Welcome to the first edition of The Odyssey - Parent Newsletter for 2013-2014.  A special welcome to family members of new students! This newsletter will be delivered electronically each month.  We hope to tailor information specific to the parent perspective on things.  We also try to include information that may be useful to you in nudging your sons or daughters to act on administrative deadlines and other opportunities.

Thinking about visiting your student once school starts?  What better way than during Alumni & Family Weekend on October 4-6! Click HERE to view the schedule, register and more.

I look forward to another great year with many of you and to new relationships with the parents of the Class of 2017.

Until next time,
Valerie Landrum
Assistant Director of Student & Parent Services 

Parent Satisfaction Survey

We are interested in gathering feedback from parents of current  and incoming students. Your views about the University of Dallas are valuable and your thoughtful and honest responses will help UD provide better experiences for students. Please share your perspective on your child’s college experience thus far. Your responses will provide us with insights about the aspects of the college experience that are important to you as a parent as well as your level of satisfaction. Click HERE to take the 10-15 minute survey.

Money Matters

Help your student have less stress by getting your payment arrangements completed today.  By completing payment arrangements today, you and your student will sail through the start of class.  Students who do not have their arrangements completed can be deleted from classes.  Reduce your stress level and get this done today.

The website to waive the health insurance is now up and running.  You must waive the health insurance in order for the credit to be reflected on your student’s account. 

Some parents find it is difficult to stay informed about the activities and important dates put out from Student Account Services.  One answer to this conundrum is to have your student set up a parent login into Cashnet.  This login will give you access to important notifications, tax forms, the ability to see online statements and more.  Get access today. 

We are accepting applications for the Legacy Scholarship. The University of Dallas National Alumni Board established the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship in 1994 to support current students who have had a parent, grandparent, or sibling graduate from the university. Students from all colleges are eligible to apply. Click HERE for more information.

Encourage Your Student to Get Involved

There are numerous ways for students to get involved at UD!  Watch this video to hear about all the ways your student can be inclUDed!

From Student Government, Intramural Sports and Dallas Year to Campus Ministry, Drama, Newspaper and Yearbook - there is something for everyone at UD.  Clubs and Organizations are a great way to get involved on campus, and meet other students with similar interests. 

It's Been a Busy Summer!

Faculty, staff and students have had a busy and fulfilling summer!

The University of Dallas was recently honored as a 2013-14 College of Distinction. 

Career Services is ready to help students as they begin considering the future, developing habits and making decisions that will contribute to their future success.

Faculty in the Psychology Department gave presentations all over the world.

Thirty-one high school students participated in the Arete Program.

The Music Department is gearing up for the fall.

Partnership with Comfort Suites and Wingate results in discounts for the UD community and a free night give-away.

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