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Forum Romanum Spring 2019

Forum Romanum

Aspen Daniels

Learning to See
Aspen Daniels, Fall '16 Romer & Essay Contest Winner, BA '19

"It wasn’t just that I was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of so many beautiful things but that I was learning to ponder and internalize them so that they could become a part of me, like that afternoon in Castel Gandolfo when I understood Bernini’s art as his expression of worship and truly saw it for the first time."

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Ben Gibbs

Next Time You’re in Rome
Ben Gibbs, Director of Student Affairs, Rome Campus

"Probably the most evocative trait of this incredibly rich site … is to be found in its depths. Viewing the depths of Vicus Caprarius’ ruins relative to the water level takes the eye into the dark unknown. … Even if Vicus Caprarius is not one of Rome’s best-known sites, its impact on the visitor is immense."

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Peter Hatlie

Expansion and Renewal
Peter Hatlie, Director, Dean, VP and Professor of Classics

"What does UD Rome look like in this season of anniversaries — one its first 50 years of existence, another its first 25 years on the Constantin Campus, and finally another marking one year since the completion of its reinvigorating Expansion and Renewal Campaign? Forever young and full of promise would be one way to answer."

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Scott F. Crider

Why Rome Matters
Scott F. Crider, Professor of English

"As a result of the student-to-city, city-to-student reciprocity, you can take the students out of Rome, but you cannot take Rome out of the students. They take the city with them when they return because they supplemented the city, and their leaving is its small loss. This helps explain the great, beautiful sadness of Rome ... "

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Due Santi

In the Vineyard
Trang M. Crider

"What I’ve learned from working in the vineyard is that the whole process — from planting to harvesting — is complex and delicate. … When everything goes well, the Due Santi vineyard not only contributes to the overall aesthetic of the Rome campus, but also blesses us with good wine to celebrate life — here and in Irving."

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