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Forum Romanum Campus Newsletter

It is in recognition of Romes ability to change people for the better and leave behind a valuable and enduring legacy that we open this first edition of the Forum Romanum.  It was with these words that the first edition of UD Romes Forum Romanum newsletter began in the Spring of 2006.  More than 10 years later, this bi-annual publication continues to share the many stories of change and transformation and wonder that make up the UD Rome semester for the people associated with it.  The FR is published for the benefit of current and former students, UD alumni and all of the wonderful people who have lived and worked in Rome.  We do hope that you will enjoy reading it and importantly come away convinced that the match between UD and Rome is indeed a worthy one.

Forum Romanum Newsletter Archives

Chaplain and Faculty Lecture Series

As beautiful and inspiring as it is, Rome has always been a place where the human spirit flourishes, not only the spirit behind great food and sublime art and architecture but also that which animates gifted intellectuals, men and women with significant responsibilities in the church, people known for their good works and talented artists. The University of Dallas Rome program is a beneficiary of the great human capital present in the Eternal City at any given time. This year's (2015-16) guests to UD Rome's Chaplain's and Faculty Lecture Series include:

Due Santi Rosso Wine

Due Santi Rosso wine is a product of the The University of Dallas Eugene Constantin Rome Campus, located in the fertile hills of the Castelli Romani overlooking Rome.  University of Dallas students participate in the annual harvest and vinification process. The result of their efforts is an engaging and agreeable table wine, made from pure, organically-grown Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

UD Rome Campus Logo

Created by UD alumna Michele Roper, the University of Dallas Constantin Campus logo commemorates and celebrates some of the most essential and beautiful aspects of the Rome Program.  The words Due Santi, meaning Two Saints, refer to the two saints Peter and Paul, who according to scripture (Acts 28:15) and tradition met another somewhere near the location of the UD campus, an area which today is itself called Due Santi.  St. Peters Key and St. Pauls Sword are show on the logo in the horizontal and vertical positions accordingly.   Olives and grapes are pictured in the logos central, lower zone, referencing the two predominant agricultural crops cultivated at UD Rome, with yields of about 8000 bottles of organically grown wine and 100 gallons of organic olive oil from these crops each year.  In the upper central zone of the logo are references to one of the traditional building materials of the campus, the cobblestones or sanpietrini that make up much of the sidewalks and common areas of campus.  Finally, at the center of the logo, bathed in the beautiful blue and gold, red and white colors that surround it, is the triquetra or Trinity Knot, symbolizing the Holy Trinity to Whom the both University of Dallas itself and its Rome Program are dedicated.  Feel free to download UD Romes Due Santi symbol and spread the word.