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Amatri-chili Fundraiser

Rome Students Host Chili Fundraiser For Earthquake Victims

Date Published: Aug. 30, 2016

Chili CookoffAlthough Rome wasn’t affected by the earthquake that devastated the small Italian town of Amatrice last week, the students and staff at Due Santi wanted to raise money to help the victims of the earthquake. After brainstorming ideas, faculty and staff decided to cook chili and sell it to the students as a night time snack. Professors and student life staff spent Tuesday preparing seven different types of chili – most notably, Resident Coordinator Mike Pitstick’s “amatri-chili” made from ingredients of the Italian pasta dish amatriciana, which started in Amatrice. On Tuesday night, the students gathered in a long line outside the forno (the outdoor grill and pizza oven on campus) to wait their turn to purchase a ticket for a hearty bowl of chili and a glass of wine. All of the proceeds were donated to relief funds in Amatrice and other affected areas in Italy. It was a heart-warming event on an otherwise “chili” night!