Scavenger Hunt & Dinner in Castelli

Scavenger Hunt & Dinner in Castelli 

Date Published: Aug. 24, 2016

Scavenger HuntDinnerThe first week is a busy one, as students juggle time at the post office to complete “permission to stay” paperwork, classes and more orientation meetings — not to mention the time it takes to adjust to life in Italy. On Wednesday, though, students had a great break from all of this. The student life staff showed students how to reach Rome via public transportation. They were told that they had to meet the staff at St. John Lateran Basilica at 3:30 p.m. sharp to begin the great Rome scavenger hunt! The students signed up for teams earlier in the week,  planned out some strategic routes and were anxious to see how many sites they could check off of our long and challenging list. Each group had only two hours to find as many things as they could, taking a photo of their group holding a “Siamo Qui” (We are here) sign in front of each place. After the scavenger hunt finished, the class was taken to Lake Albano, a volcanic crater lake near campus, for dinner at Ristorante Da Agnese. After a quick dip in the lake before dinner, students enjoyed a great meal of roast pork, grilled local vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, local olives, rustic sausages and cheeses, pizza, and a choice of three Italian desserts, including panna cotta and tiramisu!


First Day in Rome: January 17th, 2016

Our Spring 2016 Romers arrived early in the morning on January 16th and were greeted in Fiumicino Airport by Resident Coordinators Joe Hrbacek and Mike Pitstick, Dr. Peter Hatlie, and two Student Assistants. The students were shuttled by bus to campus and arrived jet-lagged but ecstatic at the first sight of their new home, Due Santi! The students settled in, explored the campus grounds (including a vineyard, pool, pergola, and soccer field!) and began orientation which included meeting their new professors

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