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Art & Architecture Site Visit to the Capitoline Museum

Art & Architecture Site Visit to the Capitoline Museum

Capitoline Museums

 Date Published: Feb. 8, 2017

While in Rome, University of Dallas students are offered a class on Art & Architecture.  Throughout the semester, Dr. Elizabeth Robinson, our resident Art Historian and Archeologist, leads the students through many on-site lectures both in Rome and on class trips in Florence, Venice, Assisi, & Greece.  The “Art & Arch” class gives our Romers the unique opportunity to study world-famous art in person.  The students’ first museum visit was to the renowned Capitoline Museum on top of Rome’s Capitoline Hill.

In the Capitoline, students discussed works related to the founding of the city of Rome and Rome’s development into an empire, led by Dr. Robinson and two of her colleagues who are local experts. The students pondered such well-known works as the Dying Gaul and the Capitoline Wolf (a bronze piece which depicts the myth of Romulus and Remus). The students each chose one work of art for an analysis project assigned by Dr. Robinson, deepening their understanding of a particular piece of their choice. All in all, the students enjoyed their firsthand encounters with a wide range of art and sculpture at the Capitoline Museum.