Appia Antica Walk and Wine Tasting

Appia Antica Walk and Wine Tasting

On Saturday, January 27, the 2018 Spring Class followed in the literal footsteps of Saints Peter and Paul – the Due Santi after whom the Rome Campus receives its “nickname” – by taking an excursion down the ancient Roman road or Appia Antica.

CatacombsEnjoying the preserved path running from right near campus all the way into the city, students passed ruins of ancient Roman houses, wealthy mausoleums, and explored the remains of Circus Maxentius, a sporting complex erected by Emperor Maxentius, who was famously defeated by Constantine at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D.

The students’ walk ended at the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian, where they went on tours of the subterranean Christian burial structures, including the original grave of Saint Sebastian. At the church built above the catacombs, students were able to visit the current location of the martyr’s relics.

Returning to campus by bus, students exchanged their walking clothes for evening wear to enjoy the traditional beginning-semester-wine tasting. Led by Monsignor Thomas Fucinaro, the campus chaplain, students sampled various types of wine and cheese with a formal dinner.

Wine Tasting


First Day in Rome: January 17th, 2016

Our Spring 2016 Romers arrived early in the morning on January 16th and were greeted in Fiumicino Airport by Resident Coordinators Joe Hrbacek and Mike Pitstick, Dr. Peter Hatlie, and two Student Assistants. The students were shuttled by bus to campus and arrived jet-lagged but ecstatic at the first sight of their new home, Due Santi! The students settled in, explored the campus grounds (including a vineyard, pool, pergola, and soccer field!) and began orientation which included meeting their new professors

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