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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs program is an integral part of the education offered by the University. Its goal is to foster the development of mind, body, and spirit in a manner that is complementary to the academic program.

The Student Affairs staff wishes to challenge and support students in their effort to become mature and liberally educated adults. Through active participation in the co-curricular program, it is hoped that students will learn to make intelligent and responsible use of their abilities in the context of Catholic principles. 

Crusader Days Orientation 

The University’s Crusader Days Orientation program for new students is designed to make new students at UD welcome and help them succeed. Under the direction of the Offices of Enrollment and Student Affairs, Orientation Leaders sponsor a variety of social and educational programs to integrate new students into the UD community every fall.

Residence Life

One of the distinctive characteristics of the University of Dallas is its Residence Life program. By living on campus, students become members of a residential community. As community members, students have a chance to shape their living environment through participation in a wide variety of cultural, academic and social activities and programs. Living in community also helps facilitate discussions that begin in the classroom. Through a strong Residence Life program, it is hoped that students will develop new interests, broader perspectives and learn the virtues required for community life.

Successful group living is dependent on cooperation and the responsible exercise of personal freedom. Each member of a community needs to be aware of the responsibilities, rights and privileges that are associated with community living, and be prepared to act in a manner that does not infringe on the rights and privileges of others. The right to study and sleep in one’s own room has a high priority at all times. 

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is committed to developing community and leadership through programming in the residence halls. RHA also aims to foster interaction between faculty, staff and students. Members are elected from each residence hall on campus by their fellow residents. RHA is advised by the Residence Life Coordinator - Leadership

Dining Services Advisory Committee

The Dining Service Advisor Committee is dedicated to enhancing Dining Services on the University of Dallas campus. Members of the DSAC act as a clearinghouse between the student body and Dining Services. Members work in conjunction with Dining Services to create food themed events. The DSAC provides a voice for students to express concerns related to campus food to Dining Service and UD Administration.

Membership is comprised of students elected from each residence hall, the student apartments, commuter students, and one faculty and/or staff member. All meetings are open to any student or faculty member. DSAC meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Student Activities

The Student Activities complement the academic mission of the University by creating opportunities for undergraduate students to become more active members of the campus and community. Working in collaboration with faculty and staff, Student Activities include:


Registered Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to form and belong to organizations and clubs that develop common interests compatible with the University’s mission statement and whose activities are consistent with University policies and regulations. Recognition of a student organization or club does not imply the University’s approval or endorsement of a student organization’s particular point of view. Activities of recognized student groups are circumscribed by the student organization or club’s mission statement as stated in the group’s approved constitution. University policy supersedes any policy established by local, regional or national organization with which campus groups may be affiliated.

Recognized student organizations and clubs may use campus facilities and services provided the group is properly registered. Organizations and clubs are obligated to register at the beginning of each academic semester. Failure to register will result in the student group being placed on inactive status with the loss of privileges that accompany University recognition.

Students interested in forming a new campus organization or club should confer with the Assistant Director of Student Activities. The procedure for seeking University recognition requires the submission of a written constitution that clearly states the purpose of the organization, membership criteria, leadership structure and the by-laws by which the group will conduct its business.

Student Government’s Charters, Appropriations Committee, Assistant Director of Student Activities and organization officers will review the proposed constitution and goals of the organization or club. Following this review, the Director of Student Affairs will make a decision regarding the awarding of campus recognition. Any group classified as a religious or service group must also seek the approval of the Director of Campus Ministry.

Membership in a recognized organization or club is limited to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. Membership must be open to all eligible individuals who meet the prescribed criteria without respect to race, sex, creed, national origin or religion. The group’s officers and members are responsible for their individual and collective actions on or off campus. Organization, club or member recognition may be terminated immediately if the group fails to abide by their approved constitution or violates the Student Code of Conduct, state or federal law.

Officers or individual members are NOT authorized to sign a purchase order, contract, or represent themselves as agents of the University of Dallas. When goods or services are purchased with University funds, the Assistant Director of Student Activities must approve authorization of expenditures in advance. Receipts for approved purchases must accompany all requests for reimbursements. Purchases or other contract agreements made contrary to the above may result in personal liability for the individuals involved. All approvals must be sought through the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

All registered student clubs and organizations are required to submit a budget request at the beginning of each semester in order to qualify for funding. Late or incomplete funding requests will not be accepted. Along with the Student Government Charter and Appropriations Committee, the Assistant Director of Student Activities will review all funding requests and allocate available funds appropriately. The funds are disbursed at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Student Activities. University funds may not be used by a student organization to purchase or provide alcohol. See the Clubs and Organizations Handbook for more information about funding.

Faculty and administrative staff may choose to serve as a resource to student organizations and clubs by providing general advice and counsel to group officers. Faculty or staff serving in this capacity are expected to provide guidance to help the club or organization carry out its mission within the parameters of the mission, rules and regulations of the University of Dallas and applicable federal, state and local laws. For more information, consult the Clubs and Organizations Handbook.

For more information about student clubs and organizations registration and funding, please see the Student Activities web page.

Risk Management Training

All advisers and officers of University organizations are required to participate in risk management training. This training is mandated by Texas law. No organization will receive recognition from the University unless all pertinent members and the adviser have undergone the mandated training. The Assistant Director of Student Activities will arrange the training sessions at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

For a list of currently registered undergraduate Clubs and Organizations, visit the Student Activities web page.

Student Government

The University of Dallas Student Government functions as the representative assembly of the UD student community. The purpose of UD Student Government is threefold:

  1. Promote the general welfare of the University and the student body through its support of the University's mission, ideals, and values.
  2. Communicate student concerns and interests to appropriate University committees and to the University administration.
  3. Sponsor programs and services to enhance campus life.

Student Government consists of three distinct but connected branches: the Senate, Student Programming and the Executive Council. All matriculating students of the Constantin College of Liberal Arts, the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business, and the Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization are members of the student body.

The senate consists of:

  • Four class representatives elected at large from each class.
  • One representative elected from the student apartments, one from each traditional residence hall and one from each floor of West Hall.
  • One representative from the Holy Trinity Seminary.
  • One commuter representative.
  • The Executive Council: President, Vice-President of the Senate, Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Executive Council members are elected in the spring for the following academic year. Class and hall representatives are elected in the fall of each academic year.

Student liaisons are appointed to various university committees each fall by the Executive Council and confirmed by the student Senate. The university committee liaisons inform the student Senate of upcoming agenda items and provide them with approved minutes of that particular committee’s meetings.

The Assistant Director of Student Activities or Director of Student Affairs, and a faculty member advise Student Government. Information about elections and copies of the SG Constitution are available on the Student Government web page.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB helps fulfill the goal of promoting the general welfare of the University and the student body by sponsoring programs and services which enhance campus life. CAB is responsible for much of the academic, social and educational programming at the University of Dallas, including major events like TGIT, Oktoberfest, Groundhog, Mallapalooza and Spring Formal. CAB is made up of a team of interns: Clubs and Orgs, Rec Sports, Musical Entertainment, Marketing, Sound, Traditions, Yearbook, and Student Activities. Hiring for the following academic year’s CAB members occurs in the spring semester. 

Intramural Sports

A variety of intramural sports are offered, including co-ed volleyball, men’s basketball, co-ed softball, co-ed soccer, and men’s flag football. Regular events without full seasons are also offered and vary each semester. Student participation in intramurals makes it one of the largest on-campus activities outside the classroom. The Recreational Programming Office may be contacted at For more information about rec programs and intramural sports, including the schedule of events, please visit the Intramural Sports web page. 

Recreational Programming

The Office of Student Activities and Recreational Services offer extracurricular recreational classes each semester. The classes offered vary, but most are 8-16 class sessions with a cost of $10-$25 per semester. Most classes meet in the recreation room located in the lower level of Jerome Hall. Classes are subject to change. Register for classes in the Student Activities & Leadership Center. For more information about what Rec Classes are offered, please visit the Recreational Programming web page.

Charity Week

Every fall the Crusader Leadership Center sponsors Charity Week, an event almost as old as the University itself. Charity Week is coordinated by the junior class and is meant to bring the University together while raising money to donate to local and regional charities. 



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