Travel & Student Trips

Travel and Student Trips Policies


Only vehicles owned and/or operated by the University of Dallas are covered by the university’s insurance policy.  

The University insurance policy does not provide liability or collision coverage if a student causes damage or injury while driving a personal vehicle.  In such cases, students travel at their own risk and insurance coverage is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator.  

University-registered student organizations must have signed waivers of liability statements (prior to departure) from all who will be traveling in a personal or rented vehicle to any organization sponsored event. They must also follow all risk management guidelines provided by the university. Waivers are available online and must be submitted each academic year.


Recognized student organizations may make off-campus trips that are approved and deemed worthwhile by the Office of Student Affairs. Trips should support the mission of the University.  

They should also support the mission of the student organization and support their membership with their associate national organization. Students and their parents should understand that participation in such off-campus trips and activities is at the student’s own risk. If personal injury or accident should occur to students or other persons during the trip, UD will assume no responsibility, financially or otherwise. Faculty and staff advisors, chaperons, and organization officers are urged to take all possible precautions to insure the safety and well-being of all persons participating in the activity.

Trip Approval

All trips for official University business or when a student organization is representing the University of Dallas must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs or designee at least 4 weeks prior to the trip. Organizations will be required to fill out a trip approval form on The Forum.

Expenses for trips must be paid through the Office of Student Affairs. This includes charter bus, airfare, and hotels. Trip payments or associated cost made on personal credit cards will not be reimbursed. Please plan ahead so that expense can be paid by a University issued check when possible.

Travel Methods

Students may travel within a 50-mile radius of the DFW Metroplex in personal vehicles. In such cases, students travel at their own risk and insurance coverage is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator. Only vehicles owned and/or operated by the University of Dallas are covered by the university’s insurance policy.
Travel outside a 50-mile radius of the DFW Metroplex requires professional transportation provided by a University approved charter bus, coach, or Transportation Company. Fifteen (15) passenger vans may not be used for any university-sponsored trips. Students may travel by airplane if it is safer and more economical than traveling by charter bus.

Overnight Trips

All overnight trips must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Affairs or designee. A University-approved chaperon must accompany student organizations making overnight trips. All chaperons must attend Risk Management training through Student Activities and pass a criminal background check through the Office of Human Resource. Prior to departure, the chaperon will need to provide emergency contact information for each person on the trip.


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