Student Quotes

Sophie AthasSophie Athas

Arete Participant

"On this summer program we read classic texts, went to lectures, and participated in seminars. There were weekend trips into the city in which we visited art museums and the sights that are particular to the area. We also were taken to see the Shakespeare play we had read, being performed in a contemporary park setting. This program taught me to critically read and analyze texts that have formed Western Civilization and culture, but more importantly the program taught me to stand out and have a say in my formation. These texts were shown to not only shape civilization and society, but to shape each individual who opens himself up to the truths wielded in these works. And this is what we were dared to do. This program dared us to open our minds and souls and look with new eyes on the texts as well as the world around us. I would definitely recommend this program to others as it was a remarkable experience that has stayed with me throughout my life and education."


"Perfect pacing, excellent lecturers."

"I learned so much from these individuals as well as my seminar leaders, professors, and RAs. The lectures were great and full of so much knowledge."

"The lectures were great, the seminars were awesome, and the help for the papers was amazing! I wouldn't change a thing."

"Our studies of truth and wisdom allowed me to see clearly various things in my own life and focus on knowledge instead of the opinions of others."

"The academic structure of the program was quite extraordinary, and gives participants the experience of taking a true college class."

The Program as a Whole

"It was amazing!"

"Enlightening. I saw that education was more than just a number on your report card. Learning was enjoyable instead of competitive and the people there were amazing to talk to."

"I loved the program! It was awesome to be able to connect with other individuals my age who care about their education."

"It was very efficient, well organized, fun, enjoyable, rigorous, and life changing!"

"The experience of living on a college campus for two weeks and meeting new friends is priceless."

How They Grew on the Program

"I feel more "enlightened" about truth."

"Helped me to enjoy learning and made me want to teach."

"I became more of a critical thinker and became more aware of what was around me and what it meant."

"The program allowed me to become a better writer and analyzer."

"I grew intellectually into someone that is more analytical, and as a person I have become more mature and questioning."

"The program was an amazing life changing experience, it has given me a different impression of the world around me, making me want to dig deeper and truly analyze everything. All in all, it has given everything a greater meaning."

Advice to Future Students

"I would tell them to read as much as they can before entering the program."

"Try and talk to and mingle with all the students instead of getting stuck in one small group. Staying open to everyone expands your horizons and gives you a chance to learn about other people as well as preparing you for excellence even if you are not very excited about every single person there."

"As long as you are truly interested in delving deeper into classic literature on a philosophical, and more profound level then you will love the Arete program."

Parent to Parent Comments

"Well organized.  Communication with the parents was very good."

"My daughter had a great time.  She really seemed to enjoy the program."

"I was quite impressed with what I saw during the orientation and the two week schedule. I was concerned my son would not like program especially the academic rigor during summer break, however he really enjoyed his time there."

"This program seemed to have a good balance of academic and social."

"This is a fantastic program on so many levels. The quality of the material, the seminar leaders and the entire staff were top notch.  Meeting new friends from all over the country who share a love of books, philosophy and art was an amazing and affirming experience."

"My son enjoyed himself.  I think it was a valuable experience for him."