Student Quotes

Jacquelyn LeeJacquelyn Lee

Latin in Rome Participant

"This is a fantastic program! In the mornings we toured around the Italian countryside, visited the Capitoline, Aventine, and other hills of Rome, climbed Vesuvius, walked along the ancient Roman roads, and visited more beautiful churches than I've ever seen in my life. Then in the afternoons we studied while looking out on UD's very own vineyard. After dinner we gathered for an hour long tutorial session where we read samplings of several Roman authors -- Livy, Tacitus, Seutonius, Vergil. The professors and tutors were all incredibly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. It was three weeks of blissful leisure. Don't come if your parents are making you, or if you aren't serious about Latin. But certainly come if you want to improve your Latin skills! I feel I improved just as much in three weeks as I did in the past year of taking AP Latin."


"I really learned Latin, instead of just memorizing and being told "because". I now understand the "why" of things and that has really helped my English skills."

"It was a trial run for college and I learned about myself as my own person. Intellectually, I feel much more proficient and prepared for Latin AP."

"The academic aspect was satisfyingly challenging, and gave me the opportunity to read some Latin works that I otherwise would not have read; I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"You should do it, it was the only trip I've ever gone on and not been ready to leave by the end, and it really does improve your Latin."

"Dr. Sweet has inspired me to read a lot more and to learn as much as I can. I want to become a more knowledgeable man and thus a better and more virtuous man."

The Program as a Whole

"It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life."

"Amazing; everything I could have expected and more in terms if sites visited, professors met, and friends made."

"This program guided me to a better understanding of not only myself and how I interacted with others, but precisely what I wanted to study in college- the classics, of course."

Parent to Parent Comments

"Outstanding!  My son loved the travel and learning Latin in a different direction. He loved the different sites, meeting with like-minded people and learning from professors that were clearly proficient and enthused about their field."

"My son really enjoyed himself.  It was an excellent experience with engaging classmates and excellent faculty.  I would highly recommend this program to other families who have a student interested in Latin."

"Wonderful experience for our son who had never travelled alone before or internationally. This program is well organized and an incredible learning opportunity.  Great for teenagers from around the country to be included in this program."

"FANTASTIC!  I am so glad my daughter had this opportunity to cement her learning of Latin at the same time that she was able to explore sites of antiquity and experience another culture under the guidance of excellent and caring instructors."

"As a parent, I was a bit apprehensive sending my son so far away for 3 weeks, but as soon as I met some of the staff in Dallas and talked to them face to face about the program, I felt much more at ease.  This is a very well organized program, and the students time in Italy is well planned."

"Worth the investment, as it taught our daughter not just about a larger world and allowed her to earn college credit, but also to learn about herself and be stretched."