Summer Math Academy

The University of Dallas Math Department is pleased to announce the Summer Math Academy. Students entering 10th grade - graduating seniors will participate in an intensive two-week college experience as residents on UD's Irving campus, and will see mathematical inquiry as a deeply human endeavor.

Why Summer Math Academy?

Math can be a lot more fun when there isn't a grade involved. Students in the Summer Math Academy will engage college-level mathematical concepts (but not calculus) in an interactive, hands-on workshop setting, accompanied by afternoon talks and evening problem sessions. The focus is on creating mathematics, making conjectures, solving problems and proving theorems. 

We'll be thinking about combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, group theory and Ramsey theory. Student interest will probably lead to other topics as well.

Application Process

If phrases like "chaos," "probability," "continued fractions," "generating function," "Mersenne prime," or "Fermat's Little Theorem" intrigue you, the you should definitely apply.

If you haven't heard of them before, then join us, and you can tell your friends all about them after the program.

In either case, applying is free, it'll qualify you to take the application test, which is fun, and does not obligate you.

After filling out and submitting the application form below, you will be sent a test that helps you to learn a bit about the math we will be doing here, and helps us to learn a bit about you. We will ask you to set aside no more than two hours to take the test in the presence of a teacher or parent, and return it within a few days of receiving it. We will also ask you to name a sponsor who knows you mathematically, and would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation.  If you have any questions about how to apply please contact the University of Dallas Math Department at 972-721-5307 or

  • Online Application
  • Math Assessment 
  • Letter of Recommendation

Once accepted to the program please submit the following:


The workshop will be led by Dr. Robert Hochberg of the UD Math Department, assisted by other UD students and/or faculty. Dr. Hochberg has over 25 years' experience teaching in summer math programs, and helps run a year-round Math Circle for home-schooled middle and high school students here at UD. 

 Day at a Glance

Monday through Friday begin with breakfast, follwed by a 3 1/2 hour morning workshop, with occasional breaks. This is followed by lunch, and then free time until 5pm when we re-convene for a talk on some interesting mathematical topic given by a visitor or one of the staff. After dinner there is a problem session reinforcing topics from the day's workshop.

As residents on campus, students will enjoy the community experience typical of dorm life. Whether playing volleyball, chatting in the dorm lounge, or enjoying a cappuccino, students often find the camaraderie with their fellow class members one of the most enjoyable aspects of the program.

The Irving Campus

The University of Dallas' main campus in Irving, Texas is located approximately 15 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport and Dallas Love Field. The campus is conveniently situated in the heart of the metroplex with access to public transportation into Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities.