Student Quotes

Megan MickleyMegan Mickley

Shakespeare in Italy Participant

"I can honestly say that it was the best three weeks of my life. The professors on the trip are just fantastic individuals and have so much knowledge about Italy and Shakespeare. My writing skills were greatly improved through workshops and practice. I made amazing friends on my trip, I enjoyed every second with them and I have so many amazing memories. The campus quickly became a home to us and the Mensa staff are some of the nicest people you will meet. The entire experience is indescribable. This trip helped me grow and realize that there is so much more to the world than I ever knew. I highly recommend going."


"The academics were even better than I expected. I wasn't expecting to get as much time to write my essay and do homework, but I had just enough and it was really enjoyable."

"I learned how to correctly read Shakespeare."

"I really liked the mix of all-group Socratic guided discussion and the small groups, and I like that we changed small groups so we could get to know the staff and other students."

"The Shakespeare in Italy program was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. I got to study abroad with professors who not only improved my writing and awoke a deeper appreciation for reading inside me but also knew their way around Rome to the point where they were our tour guides."

"Upon leaving the Forum, I began to contemplate the vastness of time. I had always thought of the Forum as the ancient of ancients, but when I learned that it had been a cemetery and a swamp before it was the legendary meeting place of Romulus the king, I was struck by the briefness of human life. Rather than cause me to view all our accomplishments and failures as worthless, I have come to believe that all the things we do are exponentially more worthwhile because they are fleeting."

The Program as a Whole

"It was an amazing life changing experience and a good balance between traveling, academics, and free time. The professors and TAs were intelligent, polite, and kind. All my fellow students were easy to talk to, and I consider many of them to be close friends now."

"I got to visit and learn about some of the most influential people in history and visit historical sites that shaped the world.. And I did all this with three amazing professors and 39 amazing friends. I learned so much about the ancient world and when we were back on campus I was exposed to a great atmosphere,"

"The cost of the program was very affordable and amazing for a trip for three weeks in Italy (ITALY!)."

How They Grew on the Program

"The professors were sharp and charming, and the staff made the whole place feel like home. It has always been my dream to go to Rome, and it was a wonderful gift to be there with professors who knew all the best spots and times and interesting tidbits about the city."

"My writing and close reading have improved so mind has expanded and I'm just so much happier and more confident and independent than I was when I started!"

"I found that I was able to talk to others a lot more easily and made more friends in a short amount of time than I did in high school. I learned to write better and not focus on being a perfectionist early on in the writing process. My love of traveling has also grown."

"Intellectually, I learned a lot more about my personal growth as a student."

"Personally, I never would have thought to connect Shakespeare with Italy, but that new connection has opened my eyes to the ideas that run throughout all cultures and all of history."

Advice to Future Students

"Be ready for a college-level course that is both fascinating and thorough."

"If you are interested in the program, then do it as you will not regret it."

"This is going to be one of the best experiences of your life, don't pass it up."

Parent to Parent Comments

"My daughter absolutely lived the trip."

"Great communication and organized well!"

"I was very impressed with the excellent organization and support you gave us."

"Don't be deterred by the cost; apply anyway. Also, it's good test-run for going to university."