About UDJS

About UDJS

Our Mission Statement

The University of Dallas Journal of Science was founded to perpetuate and showcase academic excellence through scientific research, analysis, and discussion in the undergraduate community.

Current Editors

Managing Editor: Catherine Guilbeau

Catherine is a senior Psychology student at the University of Dallas. During the spring of 2014 she served as the Psychology subject editor for UDJS and is currently the managing editor of the journal. She conducted quantitative research on helping behavior and presented her findings at the Southwestern Psychological Association in April of 2014. Catherine has also conducted qualitative research on jealousy and is currently working as a research assistant with University of Dallas psychology professors on numerous research projects. She volunteers at Our Childrens House at Baylor in their child life department and Contact Crisis Center as a crisis line specialist. Catherine is excited to once again serve on the UDJS staff and looks forward to contributing to the growth and success of the journal.

Chief Academic Editor: Ellie Carrano

Eleanor Carrano is a senior Biology major at the University of Dallas. She served as the Biology subject editor for UDJS during the spring of 2014 and is currently the journals academic editor. Pursuing an interest in marine science and fisheries management, Eleanor has interned at Scripps Institute of Oceanography at home in California and more recently, at the Arizona Department of Fish and Game. She is passionate about the intersection of public communication and natural science. Her article on synthetic biology appeared in Phi Beta Kappas Key Reporter during her writing internship for the academic society. Eleanor was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in the spring of 2014, and looks forward to representing the organizations emphasis on freedom of expression in the liberal arts as academic editor this coming year.

Public Relations Specialist: Kathleen Ramirez

Kathleen is a senior Art Major with a focus in printmaking at the University of Dallas. She has been working with publicity and advertising since her freshman year for numerous clubs, organizations, and events. She is thrilled to count the UD Journal of Science as one of them. Despite her focus in the humanities, she has a special love for biology, psychology, and astronomy. Her future aspirations include becoming a storyboard artist or animator, or working with advertising & marketing in the media, and writing and illustrating children's literature.

Copy Editor: Beka Hale

Beka is a senior Education major at the University of Dallas after having transferred from Virginia Tech, where she studied Math. She gained research experience while working as a Funding Assistant for the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and currently works as an intern in the Financial Aid Office. As a new member of the UDJS staff, Beka looks forward to working with the other officers to enhance the website and promote knowledge of the journal.

Subject Editors
Biology: Candace Langsfeld

Candace is a senior Biology and Pre- Physical Therapy student at the University of Dallas. Throughout her time at the university, she has been an active member of Tribeta Epsilon Tau, the honors biology society on campus, as well as a member of Pre-Health society. She has shadowed at Our Childrens House at Baylor and Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation with several different physicians including physical therapists as well as surgeons. Candace is very excited to be working with the UDJS to help promote the hard work of students at the University of Dallas.

Chemistry: Madeleine Ielmini

Madeleine, the University of Dallas Journal of Science (UDJS) Chemistry editor, is a senior Biochemistry student at the University of Dallas. She is an enthusiastic new member of the UDJS team and looks forward to helping the journal grow and develop. Madeleine has conducted inorganic chemistry research, examining the spectroscopic properties of specific compounds. This summer, 2014, she researched at the Baylor College of Medicine and worked to identify potential genetic causes of urological birth defects.

Physics: Michael Hoff

Michael is a senior Physics major with concentrations in applied mathematics and computer science, and has conducted research in plasma physics at Baylor University. He intends to go to graduate school and earn a master's degree in electrical engineering, and he dreams of one day starting his own business. Michael plays rugby for UD's Groundhogs, and is an avid reader and piano player.

Mathematics: Graeham Rieman

Graeham is a senior at the University of Dallas, majoring in Mathematics and Economics & Finance. He has served as the Mathematics Editor for UDJS since the Spring of 2014. He has applied mathematics to a wide variety of topics in his research, including mnemonic techniques, personal consumption expenditure, and rugby performance metrics. He has served as the Treasurer and President of the university's rugby club, and volunteers with Americans for Prosperity.

Psychology: Katherine Curran

Katherine is a senior Psychology major at the University of Dallas. In the fall of 2013, she conducted quantitative research on the relationship between music and personality. She presented her findings in the spring of 2014 at a convention for the Southwestern Psychological Association. She has also conducted qualitative research on experiencing jealousy. She is currently applying to graduate schools in pursuit of a career in speech-language pathology. She has interned with the speech pathologists at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children in her hometown of San Antonio, TX. She is excited to help expand the UDJS this year as the Psychology subject editor.

Economics: Christina Davis

Christina is a senior studying Economics at the University of Dallas. In 2013 she was inspired by her summer accounting work to create the UDJS and serve as its founder, managing editor, and Economics subject editor. She has also run multiple linear regression analyses and data mining at the undergraduate level for a variety of research projects. Christina worked for the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. conducting research for a synthetic control method regression in relation to entry-level job licensure. In addition to her economic research, she volunteers at the campus health clinic and serves as Student Body President. As the current Economics subject editor, Christina very enthusiastically hopes to see and be an active part of the exciting new things in store for the journal this year.

Faculty Advisors

Overall Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brown-Marsden

Subject Faculty Advisors:

Biology: Dr. Slaughter

Chemistry: Dr. Steinmiller

Physics: Dr. Moldenhauer

Mathematics: Dr. Phillips

Psychology: Dr. Garza

Economics: Dr. Doyle


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