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Teachers & Catechists

Attention Catholic School Teachers and Catechists! Receive continuing education credit for attending the ministry conference!

The Diocese of Dallas can issue continuing education credit hours to Catholic school teachers, directors of religious education, and parish catechetical leaders for participating in the UD Ministry Conference. They can also issue credit hours towards the Catechetical Certification Program to catechists.

Catholic School Teachers

Continuing education credit can be granted to Catholic school teachers from the Diocese of Dallas who choose to attend on Thursday or Saturday (in addition to the mandatory in-service day on Friday) and provide documentation of their attendance to their respective school. These credit hours, if granted, could be used toward the annual requirement for professional growth to strengthen competence.

Parish DRE/PCL and Parish Catechists 

The parish DRE or PCL must register you as part of you respective catechetical group. He or she will in turn verify that you have registered and attended the ministry conference. Then the DRE or PCL will submit a list of UDMC attendees to the respective diocesan catechetical office, requesting catechetical continuing education credit for you. Up to 5 credits per day could be granted. For more information, contact your DRE/PCL.

We urge any Catholic school teacher or catechist who has registered individually to make sure that your respective school principal or catechetical leader knows of your attendance.