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Fall in Full Swing

Class is just the beginning of life at UD. From lectures
to sporting events, from art to science, the campus
overflows with laughter, camaraderie and inspiration
at the beginning of this new school year.

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Bridget Safranek, Philosophy, Class of 2017


"I'm inspired not only by the great texts we read, but also by the professors who present invaluable insights with lucidity. I've received a solid philosophical foundation from which to see the world with a deepening sense of wonder."

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chad Engelland, Assistant Professor of Philosophy


"At UD, philosophy is much more than a discipline. It's a way of life. Students learn not only to think critically, but more importantly to act justly and to savor truth, goodness and beauty wherever it is found."  

Meet Chad Engelland, Ph.D.


Greece 2016

The Rome Experience: 5 Grecian Wonders

As our Romers return from their traditional 10-day Greece trip as part of our acclaimed sophomore Rome Program, we’re reminded again of the beauty inherent in the “rosy-fingered dawn” of a Greek sunrise — like the ones Homer described in The Odyssey — or the pleasure of eating your first authentic gyro from Athens’ marketplace. READ MORE

3 Things: Events to Anticipate

As we’re nearing the end of October the leaves on campus are finally starting to change to red and yellow, but of course the green won’t start to fade until maybe after Thanksgiving.

Watching the Gospel Expand: Dan Luby’s 36 Years of Teaching

Dan Luby, S.T.L., S.T.D., has taught at the University of Dallas since 1980. After 36 years of dedicated instruction and service, Luby reflects on how education has changed in his time at UD — and how education in ministry thrives with these changes.

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Odyssey Days

10.28-10.29.16 Odyssey Days

Odyssey Days gives high school seniors the opportunity to experience life at UD. Seniors become immersed in the UD community by sitting in on classes, eating in Haggar Café, experiencing campus and spiritual life and meeting with UD faculty, staff and students. LEARN MORE

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