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At UD, dreams of Rome become reality: classes held in the Colosseum and other ancient sites of legend and history; the Vatican a short bus ride away; a rural villa to call home; and your life forever transformed.

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dominican brother jonah (micah) teller, ba '11

UD was a huge part of my life, of forming me — in both my intellectual and cultural formation.

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professor of english eileen gregory, ph.d., ba '68

The teacher is like [a] juggler: and her work is contra naturam, resisting the force of gravity. That’s what our teaching, and all our talk about the reflective life, boils down to — efforts to keep brilliance in our hearts, to remember the lightness that is native to our spirit.” 

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J.P. Rabaey and Family

Meet the Class of 2022: Eagle Scout Pines for Adventure

As he began his ascent up Observation Peak, the only trail-accessible peak of the Sawtooth Range of the Rocky Mountains, alongside his mom and dad and younger siblings in summer 2017, University of Dallas freshman John Rabaey could more than sense the coming summits on his horizonREAD MORE

Our Kids at Heart: The Evangelizing Power of Catholic Education

"You bring me a letter of acceptance to a Catholic school for your child, and I promise your child will attend Catholic school." This is the promise Father Mark Hamlet, BA '68 MBA '70, makes to his congregation at every Mass. The pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Austin, Hamlet has spent much of his ministry advocating for Catholic school education through his nonprofit foundation, Our Kids at Heart.

Junior Computer Science Major Interns at Google

This past summer, Yeabkal Wubshit, BA '20, earned the internship that every computer science major dreams of: a position at Google -- and spent the summer working on infrastructures for Google Service Accounts at Google's office in Sunnyvale, California.

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Sacred Transmitted

11.09-01.27.19 | 'Sacred Transmitted: A Century of Design'

From the archives of Emil Frei & Associates, an award-winning liturgical stained glass design and fabrication studio based in St. Louis, Missouri. Run by five generations of the Frei family, the studio has made over 1,000 church windows across the United States and holds a special place within UD history. The exhibit is curated by William Frank, BA '06, who began working at the Emil Frei Studio in 2014 as an artist in residence, and UD Haggerty Gallery Manager Christina Hayes Haley. LEARN MORE

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