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UD’s 10th President Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D.

“The Catholic intellectual tradition is living, and is a source of creativity, ingenuity, new discovery, continuity and rootedness.”

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Education of the Soul

Deep thoughts and talks are hallmarks of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, where students and faculty consider timeless questions and contemporary issues in search of principled and transformative wisdom.

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Trustee Mary j. ritter, J.D., BA '85

“As our UD alumni community continues to grow, I love that my classmates have chosen to use their gifts in this way, to support students both financially and through mentoring.”

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associate dean of braniff and assistant professor of humanities matthew post, phd '15

“ ... the Western tradition offers an inexhaustible storehouse of wisdom in negotiating the important but difficult dilemmas that confront us as human beings. This tradition draws from Hebrew Scripture, the Greek and Roman authors, and the Jewish and Muslim thinkers who engaged with them, as well as from a profound desire to engage with other traditions wherever they may be found.

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Alumni Spotlight: A Personal Pledge to Pay it Forward

For Vince Pawlowski, BA ’85, the decision to generously support the new Class of 1985 Scholarship Fund with a $100,000 lead gift was born out of a simple desire to give back to the institution that had given him so much. I recently sat down with Pawlowski, a successful defense attorney who sold his practice in Florida and now manages real estate properties around the country, to talk about his ongoing philanthropy, most recent gift and his personal pledge to give back.

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