Our Core curriculum informs all of our undergraduate programs, whether you major in biology, business or theology.

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Class is just the beginning of life at UD. From lectures to sporting events, from art to science, the campus overflows with laughter, camaraderie and inspiration at the beginning of this new school year.

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Karla (May) Warborg, ba '65, and martin warborg, ba '64 mba '70

We give our thanks to those who had the UD vision, those who supported it, those who built it and those who continue to make it one of the best Catholic liberal arts schools in the country. Planning for the future of UD requires support. We are proud to be counted among the Golden Crusaders.

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professor of philosophy and Constantin College dean jonathan J. sanford

The culture our students are formed in is certainly a culture of ideas, but those ideas have and continue to take physical and institutional shape in Rome, and from there are circulated to the ends of the earth; verily, even deep into the heart of Texas.

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Called To Serve: Preparing Lay Ministers To Be 'The Hands and Feet of Christ'

When Nancy Hampton returned to religious education after a 10-year stint in the public school system, she was surprised by the plethora of new types of parish ministries that had sprung up .... This story is part one of a three-part series examining the “new renaissance” of programs at UD, which support our university's  mission to form faithful servant-leaders of Christ.  READ MORE

UD Announces Annual Gupta College of Business Tower Awards

The University of Dallas Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business announced the four recipients of the annual Gupta College of Business Tower Awards. This year's honorees include Chris Blue, Felicia Johnson, Kai Axford and Simon Powell.

UD Announces Second Year of Record-Breaking Undergraduate Enrollment

As most colleges and universities across the nation deal with ongoing enrollment challenges, the University of Dallas is proud to announce a record-breaking undergraduate enrollment of 1,450 students. In addition to another back-to-back year of growing enrollment, the university’s freshman class, the Class of 2021, boasts an average SAT score of 1260, ranking them in the 83rd percentile nationally.

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