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Congratulations, Class of 2022!

Another hard-working group of students received their diplomas, joining the ranks of UD alumni.

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A Narrative of Joyful Courage

"The Quest takes viewers on a journey … to explore the Christian life as a narrative of joyful courage in the gathering darkness of this world." - Shannon Valenzuela, Ph.D., BA '00, of UD’s limited television series

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jack gibbons, mba '05

The professors had all been in the trenches. The program allowed me to gain perspective necessary to help me shape my own career beyond operations. Hearing the professors talk and reading about Peter Drucker and other inspiring people helped me think differently about business. So I’d say it wasn’t one class or experience, but the whole well-rounded education, from accounting and looking at P&Ls to marketing and learning about branding.”

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Interim Provost and Associate Professor of Economics Tammy Leonard, Ph.D.

It’s fundamental to my understanding of leadership, and I think it’s fundamental to the values of leadership that we try to instill here at the University of Dallas, that leadership is … developed and cultivated in the hearts and minds of individuals who simply decide each day to show up, to work hard and to act on principles that they hold fast.

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Estelle Lara

Alumna Hopes to Make Impact Through Education

Estelle (Tovar) Lara, BA ’67 MA ’74, has observed the impact of education in her own children’s lives and feels that the only way to make a lasting difference for other people is through education. As a public school teacher, she saw the difficult situations some of her students and their families were in, and she knew that only through a strong education would these children be able to lift themselves beyond those challenges in a significant way.



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