In studying the liberal arts, our undergraduates are not taught what to think, but rather how to think, which serves their futures well.

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Our faculty come to UD because teaching is what they love. From moving class outdoors on a spring day to extra hours spent talking through projects and plans and charting the orbits of stars, they do what it takes to guide and inspire their students.

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matthew spring, PhD '15, academic success director and affiliate assistant professor of english

The more we attend to the arts of grammar, logic and rhetoric, the more present we can become to our colleagues, classmates, friends and family members.

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catherine blume, BA '18, Class of 2018 valedictorian and ud's 43rd fulbright scholar 

“An education that ceases to affect your life once the formal part of it ends would be of little worth. Thankfully, our education at the University of Dallas has been designed in such a way that we couldn't leave it behind even if we wanted to. 

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Cardinal Farrell

Courageous Conversations

"Graduates of UD are academically well-prepared to dialogue with our pluralistic world," said Cardinal Kevin Farrell. "Pope Francis every day calls upon us to open our hearts and minds -- even to those who do not like us, and to those who oppose us, and to those who do not think as we do. This university has the potential to do this." READ MORE

UD in the Community: Gospel of Life Dwellings Affirm Lives

Although she can no longer see, Tia does her best, like the mother she still is, to ensure the comfort of those around her from her perch on the edge of her bed. She is one of three elderly residents of St. Adelaide in Grand Prairie, one of Gospel of Life Dwellings' two locations. First conceived by Joe Flaherty, M.D., BA '86, a geriatrician, the idea for these homes was embraced and implemented -- and is continuously sustained -- by numerous UD alumni.

New Crusader Baseball Clubhouse Completed

Positioned off Crusader Drive, behind the batting cages and the centerfield wall of the baseball field, the university's newly constructed baseball clubhouse opened the first week in May, the last week of the season for the UD baseball team. This milestone marked the end of a years-long endeavor supported by the university's Baseball Booster Club to upgrade the team's existing locker room and practice facilities.

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7.25.18 | 8:00am - Fall 2018 Rome Deadline

Fall 2018 Romers must be clear with all offices on campus before they depart for Rome. The clearance date for Rome is set earlier than the regular Irving clearance date.

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