Serving the Church

Serving the Church

Service to the Catholic Church is at the heart of a number of centers, programs and initiatives at the University of Dallas.

The Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization

The Neuhoff Institute fosters personal growth, professional ministry and transformative service to the Catholic Church, the broader Christian community and the world. Continuing education courses taught by nationally recognized faculty are conveniently offered online, on site and in satellite locations in both English and Spanish.

Diaconate Intellectual Formation Program

The Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization provides the intellectual component of diaconate formation in both English and Spanish and has formed deacon candidates in the dioceses of Dallas, Fort Worth,Tyler, and Shreveport. 

Institute for Homiletics

A collaboration between the University of Dallas and The Catholic Foundation, the Institute for Homiletics was founded in 2021 for one purpose — to renew preachers to renew preaching in the Catholic Church. Effective homilies bring preachers and hearers closer to Jesus. At the Institute for Homiletics, we put preaching and evangelization together.

Future Nashville Dominican Convent

The University of Dallas will become the first college or university to host a convent for the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, a teaching order of Catholic religious sisters also known as the Nashville Dominicans. While the convent at UD would be the first on a university or college campus, it is one of many ‘mission convents’ that the order has established to serve 53 different schools in 31 dioceses both in the U.S. and abroad.

Nashville Domincians praying

Alumni Serving As Bishops

  • Bishop Robert Coerver ’76 — Diocese of Lubbock, Texas
  • Bishop Robert Francis Vasa ’76 — Diocese of Santa Rosa, California
  • Bishop Daniel E. Flores ’83 ’87 — Diocese of Brownsville, Texas
  • Bishop Oscar  Cantú ’89 — Diocese of San Jose, California
  • Bishop Michael Duca ’74 ’78 — Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel ’74 — Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Bishop Francis Malone ’74 — Diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Bishop Mark Seitz ’76 — Diocese of El Paso, Texas
  • Bishop David Konderla ’89 — Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Bishop Gregory Kelly ’78 — Diocese of Dallas, Texas (auxiliary bishop)
  • Bishop Joseph E. Strickland ’81 — Diocese of Tyler, Texas
  • Bishop Shawn McKnight ’90 — Diocese of Jefferson City, Kansas