Jewish Studies, Concentration

Jewish studies focuses on theological, philosophical and historical aspects of Jewish thought and tradition. The concentration also provides opportunities for interacting with the local Jewish community through the teaching of local rabbis and Jewish scholars, as well as potential opportunities for summer archeology in Israel. The concentration pools the efforts of four departments: Theology, Philosophy, History and Psychology.

Director: Dr. Mark Goodwin, Professor of Theology,

Concentration Requirements

The concentration consists in 6 courses (18 credits), two required and four electives from at least two departments (see below). No more than two courses in the concentration may count as requirements toward a major.

Required courses (2):
THE 1312  Elementary Biblical Hebrew
THE 4363 or THE 4364  Judaism I & II

Elective courses (4):
THE 2313  Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
THE 3321  Pentateuch/Mosaic Torah
THE 3323  Wisdom and Psalms
PHI 5381  ST/Maimonides & Spinoza
THE 4363 or THE 4364 (the required course above not taken)
PSY 3V52-01/HIS 4357-01 ST/Reflections on the Shoah: Perpetrators, Victims, and Bystanders