Master of Theology, MA, MTh

The Journey to God

Are you hungering for the truth about God and His ways and yet hoping to do so in a deeper and more reflective manner? Are you seeking to study the face of Jesus Christ as an apprentice to great masters of the Catholic Tradition, such as Aquinas, Ratzinger, Newman, Maximus, John Paul II, Garrigou-Lagrange, Irenaeus, De Lubac, Augustine, et al.? Do you want to know what the Church really teaches and why? Do you want to take this journey at the graduate level, under the guidance of professors who are rigorously intellectual and enthusiastically orthodox? The Department of Theology at The University of Dallas offers programs that will meet and deepen these desires.

Overview of Our Approach

The faculty of The Department of Theology are committed to embracing the entire Catholic faith and to delving into its beauty and truth with the aid of the great masters and professional research. Our inquiries are anchored in the Deposit of Faith: they are biblically rich and informed by the great Catholic Tradition. We contemplate this Deposit with the aid of the perennial philosophical tradition and historical erudition. We offer classes that plumb the depths of the Sacred Page (biblical classes), that trace dogmatic and theological developments (historical classes), that analyze and synthesize the data of faith and reason with systematic precision (dogmatic classes), and that explore the true path to virtue, holiness, and happiness with God (moral classes). Our coursework attends to the classics, whether ancient or recent, with the expertise and help of the best and most recent scholarship. At UD, we are not satisfied simply with popular presentations, as helpful as these are at the beginning of one’s journey; nor are we lost in hyper-specializations and scholarship which, divorced from the pursuit of truth, dry the tears of Christ. We seek to fathom the deeper truths in a lively and learned manner and to 
articulate these with a noble and refined simplicity. For us, the proper goal of theology is loving contemplation of God and appreciation of and gratitude for all of His wonderful works.

Our Programs

We offer two degrees in academic theology: the Master of Arts in Theology and the Master of Theology.If you have any questions about these programs and wish to contact Theology faculty themselves, please email the chairman of the Department of Theology, Dr. Christopher J. Malloy at He will answer your questions and/or put you in touch with other professors.