Students talking with the Director of Admission

Freshman Family Grant

New Family Grant for incoming freshman


The University of Dallas has created a new Family Grant for students applying to college for the first time for the fall 2024 semester. 

First-year students admitted to UD who have one or more siblings already in college are eligible for the $5,000 UD Family Grant, regardless of their families’ income or where their siblings are attending college.

UD’s family grant follows the federal government’s recent change to the way siblings are factored into a family’s estimated contribution toward their child’s college education, which could significantly raise the out-of-pocket cost for many families with multiple children in college.

Contact your admission counselor or the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the family grant?
The family grant is given to students who have at least one other sibling in college (at UD or elsewhere.) The FAFSA is not required for eligibility.

If my sibling already attends UD, will we both get a grant? 
Only students entering in the fall of 2024 will receive this grant.

Does my sibling need to be a full-time student for me to be eligible to receive this grant? 
Yes, your sibling will need to be a full-time student at community college or a four-year institution.

What materials are necessary to submit in order to receive this award?
Families will need to submit either a class schedule or tuition payment receipt of each sibling enrolled in college in order to have this grant added to their financial aid package. Please contact your financial aid counselor with specific questions.

Is the FAFSA required for eligibility?
No, students are not required to submit the FAFSA in order to receive this award. All that is necessary is documentation of having another sibling enrolled in college.

Are international students eligible?
Yes, as long as the correct documentation for having another sibling attending college is submitted, students outside the United States are also eligible.

NOTE:  The Family Grant will not affect your need-based aid, but it may affect your final financial aid package. If you have specific questions, please contact your financial aid or admission counselor.