Current Mentor Resources - University of Dallas

Current Mentor Resources - University of Dallas

Current Mentor


1. Once a mentor and mentee have completed the mentoring application and agreed to the mentoring covenant, AR/OPCD will review answers and attempt to make an appropriate match.

2. When the match is made, AR/OPCD will send an email to both mentor and mentee with the expectation that the mentee will reach out to the mentor.

3. Mentors and mentees should then make arrangements for meeting (in person or virtually) based on availability of both parties.


  • Students should be using their UD email address for communication.
  • Meetings should be held on campus or virtually whenever possible. All meetings must be held in a public place.
  • Mentors should not provide transportation for mentees.

At the start of the program, please complete the planning checklist with your mentee:

  • Share a bit about yourself (major, job experience, hometown, etc.).
  • How do we plan to meet? (In-person, Zoom, Phone)
  • How often do we plan to meet? (once per week, biweekly, once a month) *Remember, you are required to meet twice per semester.
  • Will we meet at a set date and time each month (e.g. the 3rd Thursday of every month at 2 pm CST) or schedule at the end of each meeting?
  • Set expectations for how quickly you will respond to emails or texts. 
  • What is our preferred method of communication? (Phone call, text, email)
  • What are the mentee’s goals for this mentorship?
  • What are your goals for this mentorship?
  • How can I help my mentee achieve these goals?

Mentoring Covenant

The Mentor agrees to the following:

  • Coordinating with the student to set a mutually agreed upon day/time and format for an introductory meeting once your mentee has contacted you.
  • Adhere to all prescheduled appointments.
  • Assist mentee in professional development based on the parameters discussed at the introductory meeting.
  • Provide insights and personal experiences on professional matters.
  • Notify Alumni Relations or OPCD of any questions or concerns, especially regarding any changes to your ability to perform as a mentor so that we may select another mentor for that student. Please also notify us if your mentee does not contact you within two weeks.
  • For job shadowing, provide mentee with all applicable requirements for the designated facility/organization where the shadowing will take place.